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Events at Carew

Activities and Events at Carew Castle

There is a packed programme of events and fun activities for all ages at Carew Castle throughout the year from Have-a-Go Archery, Falconry and Ghost Tours to Open Air Theatre, Knight School and our Christmas Fayre! 

See below for details, dates and times for all events. For more information or to book places (where recommended) please call 01646 651782 or email

351Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3013 February
352Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3014 February
176Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle12:3015 February
177Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle12:3016 February
178Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle12:3017 February
179Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle12:3018 February
180Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle12:3019 February
353Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3020 February
354Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3021 February
249Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0025 March
250Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0026 March
251Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0027 March
252Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0028 March
370Fabulous Falcons with Pembrokeshire Falconry!  Carew Castle11:0028 March
253Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0029 March
267Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle10:3029 March
269Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle14:3029 March
254Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0030 March
181Wild Art Workshop  Carew Castle10:3030 March🌕
255Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0031 March
268Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle10:3031 March
270Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle14:3031 March
256Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0001 April
487Bushcraft Bitesize  Carew Castle10:3001 April🌕
281The Big Dig  Carew Castle14:3001 April
286Discover Dark Skies at Carew Castle  Carew Castle19:0001 April
257Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0002 April
258Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0003 April
259Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0004 April
260Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0005 April
271Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle10:3005 April
272Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle14:3005 April
261Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0006 April
182Wild Art Workshop  Carew Castle10:3006 April🌕
262Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0007 April
273Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle10:3007 April
274Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle14:3007 April
263Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0008 April
282The Big Dig  Carew Castle14:3008 April
264Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0009 April