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Events at Carew

Activities and Events at Carew Castle

There is a packed programme of events and fun activities for all ages at Carew Castle throughout the year from Have-a-Go Archery, Falconry and Ghost Tours to Open Air Theatre, Knight School and our Christmas Fayre! 

See below for details, dates and times for all events. For more information or to book places (where recommended) please call 01646 651782 or email

774Healing Stones; Bluestone Circle at Carew Castle.  Carew Castle10:0007 May
315Twilight Tour  Carew Castle20:0026 May🌕
297Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0028 May
298Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0029 May
312Medieval Mayhem!  Carew Castle11:0029 May
313Medieval Mayhem!  Carew Castle11:0030 May
371Fabulous Falcons with Pembrokeshire Falconry!  Carew Castle11:0030 May
148Brilliant Bats  Carew Castle20:0030 May
299Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0031 May
314Medieval Mayhem!  Carew Castle11:0031 May
300Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0001 June
183Wild Art Workshop  Carew Castle10:3001 June🌕
301Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0002 June
275Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle10:3002 June
276Prince and Princess School  Carew Castle14:3002 June
302Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0003 June
155Bug Safari  Lamphey Bishop's Palace14:0003 June
283The Big Dig  Carew Castle14:3003 June
303Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0004 June
304Medieval Maze  Carew Castle10:0005 June
523Wildflower Walk  Lamphey Bishop's Palace13:3010 June🌕
306Archaeology Tour  Carew Castle14:0014 June
289Herbal Histories: Past and Present  Carew Castle14:3015 June
316Twilight Tour  Carew Castle20:3023 June🌕
564Three Quays Walk  Cresswell Quay10:0024 June
477Crab Catching  Carew Tidal Mill11:0025 June🌕
307Archaeology Tour  Carew Castle14:0012 July
290Herbal Histories: Past and Present  Carew Castle14:3013 July
317Twilight Tour  Carew Castle20:1514 July🌕
947Murder at the Masked Ball  Carew Castle19:0015 July🌕
379Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0021 July
321Ghost Walk  Carew Castle20:0021 July🌕
380Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0022 July
479Crab Catching  Carew Tidal Mill10:0022 July🌕
381Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0023 July
382Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0024 July
383Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0025 July
425Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0025 July
323A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0025 July
430Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0001 August