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Welcome to this year's selection of Activities and Events hosted by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. We have a variety of exciting activities where you can explore the National Park and appreciate its wildlife, landscape, history and culture. Our programme tries to offer something for everyone so use the search facility to find something to suit you.

You can also view our events in Coast to Coast, which is available in outlets across Pembrokeshire, online and via the Coast to Coast app on Apple and Android devices. You can also download our Out There guide for details of family adventures taking place in the National Park.

500Seals in September - Half Day  Llanwnda13:0001 October
665Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3005 October
666Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3005 October
667Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3012 October
668Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3012 October
484Apple Day  St Brides Haven11:0016 October
669Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3019 October
670Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3019 October
1234Castell Henllys EveningTalk  Castell Henllys19:3019 October
342Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0022 October
355Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3022 October
343Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0023 October
710Harvest Food Fayre  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0023 October
356Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3023 October
344Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0024 October
671The Age of Adventure  Castell Henllys11:0024 October
357Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3024 October
345Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0025 October
542Wild Woodland Adventures  Colby Woodland Gardens10:0025 October
360Halloween Spooktacular!  Carew Castle11:0025 October
672Tribal Warriors  Castell Henllys11:0025 October
699100 years of Roald Dahl  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:0025 October
346Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0026 October
361Halloween Spooktacular!  Carew Castle11:0026 October
673Haunted Henllys  Castell Henllys11:0026 October
674Celtic Celebrations  Castell Henllys11:0026 October
548John Muir Award Family Discovery Days  Castell Henllys13:3026 October
347Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0027 October
362Halloween Spooktacular!  Carew Castle11:0027 October
675Tales of Adventure  Castell Henllys11:0027 October
377Fabulous Falcons with Pembrokeshire Falconry!  Carew Castle11:0027 October
676Tales of Adventure  Castell Henllys14:0027 October
364Spooky Halloween Ghost Tour   Carew Castle16:3027 October
348Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0028 October
363Halloween Spooktacular!  Carew Castle11:0028 October
378Fabulous Falcons with Pembrokeshire Falconry!  Carew Castle11:0028 October
678Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys11:3028 October
679Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys14:0028 October
365Spooky Halloween Ghost Tour   Carew Castle16:3028 October
680Star Gazing   Castell Henllys19:0028 October
349Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0029 October
358Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3029 October
366Spooky Halloween Ghost Tour   Carew Castle16:3029 October
350Ghost Hunt!  Carew Castle10:0030 October
689Haunted Henllys  Castell Henllys11:0030 October
359Fireside Tales  Carew Castle14:3030 October
367Spooky Halloween Ghost Tour   Carew Castle16:3030 October
560Slebech Park: New paths in the Park  Slebech Park14:0031 October
368Spooky Halloween Ghost Tour   Carew Castle16:3031 October