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Welcome to this year's selection of Activities and Events hosted by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. We have a variety of exciting activities where you can explore the National Park and appreciate its wildlife, landscape, history and culture. Our programme tries to offer something for everyone so use the search facility to find something to suit you.

You can also view our events in Coast to Coast, which is available in outlets across Pembrokeshire, online and via the Coast to Coast app on Apple and Android devices.

774Healing Stones; Bluestone Circle at Carew Castle.  Carew Castle10:0007 May
549A Walk in the Park  Porthgain10:0001 July
755National Meadows Day Walk  St Davids Airfield (west)14:0002 July
589Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3006 July
590Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3006 July
551A Walk in the Park  Nevern10:0008 July
562St. Davids: A Ranger's view of the National Park  St Davids14:0008 July
537Night Safari  Freshwater East NP Car Park21:3008 July
307Archaeology Tour  Carew Castle14:0012 July
591Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3013 July
592Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3013 July
290Herbal Histories: Past and Present  Carew Castle14:3013 July
317Twilight Tour  Carew Castle20:1514 July
552A Walk in the Park  Saundersfoot PCNPA car park10:0015 July
947Murder at the Masked Ball  Carew Castle19:0015 July
595Story Quest  Castell Henllys11:0016 July
596Weaving and Dyeing Demonstration  Castell Henllys11:0017 July
861Build a Wicker Man  Castell Henllys11:0017 July
597Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys11:3019 July
692100 years of Roald Dahl  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:0019 July
598Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys14:0019 July
599Willow Workshop with Michelle Cain  Castell Henllys10:3020 July
593Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3020 July
594Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3020 July
379Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0021 July
619Tribal Warriors  Castell Henllys11:0021 July
747Guided City Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:3021 July
498Get Crafty  Tenby NP Visitor Centre14:3021 July
540Twilight at Colby  Colby Woodland Gardens19:0021 July
321Ghost Walk  Carew Castle20:0021 July
380Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0022 July
479Crab Catching  Carew Tidal Mill10:0022 July
601Creative Celts  Castell Henllys11:0022 July
545John Muir Award Family Discovery Days  Llanreath, Pembroke Dock13:3022 July
563St. Davids: A Ranger's view of the National Park  St Davids14:0022 July
511Leisurely Lighthouse Tour  Strumble Head18:0022 July
381Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0023 July
480Crab Catching  Porthclais13:0023 July
471Castlemartin on Foot  Castlemartin Merrion Camp09:3024 July
382Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0024 July
602Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys11:3024 July
603Arianrhod's Costumed Guided Tour  Castell Henllys14:3024 July
383Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0025 July
323A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0025 July
425Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0025 July
604Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys11:3025 July
605Fairy Tale Fun  Castell Henllys14:0025 July
561St. Brides: An orchard in the Park  St Brides Haven14:0025 July
384Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0026 July
324A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0026 July
606Tribal Warriors  Castell Henllys11:0026 July
483Pond Safari at Colby Woodland Garden  Colby Woodland Gardens11:0026 July
426Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0026 July
693100 years of Roald Dahl  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:0026 July
574Quiet Corners of the Preseli Hills  Gellifawr13:0026 July
1046Colour and Constable: The Soul of Landscape  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre18:0026 July
151Brilliant Bats  Bishop's Palace, St. Davids20:0026 July
385Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0027 July
325A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0027 July
607Tribal Warriors  Castell Henllys11:0027 July
427Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0027 July
1045Colour in Landscape – a painting day  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0028 July
386Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0028 July
738Dewi's Quest  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3028 July
428Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0028 July
157Bug Safari  Colby Woodland Gardens11:0028 July
326A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0028 July
608The Age of Adventure  Castell Henllys11:0028 July
609Tales of Adventure  Castell Henllys11:0028 July
748Guided City Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre13:3028 July
610Tales of Adventure  Castell Henllys14:0028 July
501Get Crafty  Tenby NP Visitor Centre14:3028 July
387Dragon Quest!  Carew Castle10:0029 July
575Quiet Corners of the Preseli Hills  Foel Dyrch10:0029 July
327A Robin Hood Adventure!  Carew Castle11:0029 July
611Roman Day  Castell Henllys11:0029 July
429Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0029 July
430Crafty Castle Creations  Carew Castle11:0001 August