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1.1 Areas, locations, routes and activities The National Park Authority welcomes events that get people active, help people to understand and enjoy the special qualities of the National Park and contribute to the economic and social sustainability of the area. areas, locations, routes, activities, events, outdoor, recreation, character,

1.2 Discuss proposals Landowners really appreciate early discussions about events and can assist organisers considerably by calling on their wealth of knowledge and experience. Event organisers need to allow sufficient time for liaison with all the interested parties. Early engagement and communication is key to any successful event. To find out who owns the land you would like to use for an event, use the National Land Registry website. landowners, permission, discusion, organisers, even, guidance,

1.3 Timings to consider There are a variety of land management activities that take place on a seasonal basis that should be considered, such as calving, lambing, harvesting crops, silage or haymaking. It is always best to discuss timing of events with the land owner. timings, landowners, land, management, harvest, environment, seasons, bird, breeding,

1.4 Consider other events Another element that needs to be considered is whether there are other events taking place on the same day and what the impacts of that might be for participants, spectators, landowners, other users, accommodation providers, available parking, traffic and any other related services. events, guidance, spectators, landowners, outdoor, active,

1.5 Obtain landowner’s permission You should always liaise with the owner of the land where your event is planned. It may not always be necessary for you to obtain every landowners permission (for example, if you are holding a walking activity along a public footpath). Listed below are some of the situations where you must gain permission from the landowner. landowner, permission, land, management, sssi,

1.6 Decide whether to hold the event After taking into consideration appropriate areas, locations, routes and activities, discussing proposals with landowners, timings, other events and if permission is required; it's a good time to take stock of your plans and make a decision to move on to stage two or change your plans. event, outdoor, guidance, active,

2.1 Prepare an Event Plan Once it has been decided that the event will take place, the planning and execution stage can begin. Many event organisers use an Event Plan which is a very useful way of confirming all concerns have been considered and all involved have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. The Event Plan also ensures that preparation is on schedule and completed in a timely manner. It is recommended that an Event Plan is drawn up for all events. event, plan, execution, outdoor, active, guidance,

2.2 Health and Safety A crucial part of planning any event is the consideration of all aspects of health and safety. This includes people taking part and people who will, or could, be affected. Possible groups that should be considered during the event include participants, organisers, spectators and other visitors to area. Each event will need to be assessed by the event organiser with its particular circumstances taken into consideration. health, safety, event, outdoor, guidance, insurance,

2.3 Further approvals needed? The type, size and location of the event will influence which bodies and organisations you need to contact. cymeradwyaeth, bellach,

2.4 Notify stakeholders and promote event Once landowner approval has been given, promotion for the event well ahead of time helps raise the profile of the event and can encourage community support and participation. notify, stakeholders, promote, event, outdoor, events, guidance,

2.5 Maximise benefits The Authority is keen to encourage people to use the National Park as a place to help them adopt a lifestyle that includes regular, moderate exercise. This can have huge benefits to an individual’s health and we encourage events which appeal to everyone in society. maximise, benefits, local, economy, promote, sustainable, transport,

2.6 Brief participants Now that you have a well organised Event Plan, it is important that the participants know the information that is relevant to them in good time. It is good practice to give the participants a brief of any relevant information including codes of conduct and local specific sensitivities before and on the day of the event. event, plan, participants, codes, conduct, guidance,

2.7 Brief all other relevant parties It is good practice to communicate your event plan with all relevant parties shortly before the event to ensure everyone a clear understanding of responsibilities, timings and possible effects of the event. brief, relevant, parties, event, plan, communication, landowners,

2.8 Hold the event Hold the event. Once you've held the event please be sure to follow the steps in Stage three: Restoration and review. hold, event, outdoor, active, event, guidance,

3.1 After the event When the last participant has crossed the finish line the work is not complete. Tidying up as soon as possible after the event is essential. Event organisers should ensure that all rubbish is cleared away, recycled where possible and that signs and any other temporary infrastructure are removed. after, event, tidying, recycling, returning, rubbish, restoration,

3.2 A Thank You It is amazing how much showing appreciation of all involved and affected can mean to people. Taking the time to thank those individuals and groups can make a big difference in the feeling of the outcomes of the event. events, guidance, outdoor, active,

3.3 Reviewing It is good practice to obtain feedback from participants and all groups that could have been affected, after the restoration work is complete but soon enough so that everyone remembers the main elements of the day. feedback, reviewing, outdoor, events, guidance, active,

60 facts for 60 years 60 facts about Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on its 60th birthday. 60th, birthday, anniversary, facts, years,

60 Iconic Views To help share the National Park’s ‘story’ as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority commissioned a photographic gallery of 60 of its most iconic views. iconic, views, photographs, landscape,

60 Iconic Views Gallery 60 Iconic Views Gallery iconic, views, gallery, photographs, photo,

60 Iconic Views Gallery An image gallery of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's 60 iconic views iconic, views, gallery, images, photos, landscape,

60th anniversary posters and postcards Celebrate the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park 60th anniversary with some of our retro-inspired posters. 60th, anniversary, posters, retro, railway, vintage, postcards, fall, love, again, stay, play,

A Bay - Barafundle A case study for a bay limestone, cliffs, barafundle, cawdor, family, stackpole,

A Cove - St. Brides Haven A description of a cove cove, strides, small, sandstone, erosion, graveyard, iron, camp,

A guide to calculating affordable housing This page describes the affordable housing planning process and how contributions are calculated, negotiated and agreed. affordable, housing, viability, three, dragons,

A Sandy Beach - Broad Haven South A case study for a sandy beach, in a relatively undeveloped part of the coast board, haven, south, limestone, cliff, offshore, stack, sand, dune, outflow, recreation,

A summary of our recruitment process Selecting the right person is so important, it can sometimes take time and may vary from position to position. vacancies, applications, shortlisting, interview, equal, opportunities, policy,

About Oriel y Parc Oriel y Parc is home to the National Park Visitor Centre, which is also a fully networked Visit Wales (WTB) Tourist Information Centre. We are here to help visitors make the best of their stay in Pembrokeshire. Accommodation can be booked through us, and we can help with travel arrangements, local information, events etc. funding, visitor, centre, visit, wales, (wtbourist, information, centre,

About Us The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a special place and needs careful management to look after it for everyone to enjoy, now and in the future. At the Park Authority we’re charged with keeping the Park special. services, wildlife, habitats, jobs, tourism, business, local, communities,

Access Access Statement - Oriel y Parc Gallery and National Park Visitor Centre access, statement, oriel, galleryvisitor, centre,

Access and Rights of Way Access and Rights of Way in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority access, rights, wayuthority,

Access for All There are a range of routes and destinations in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park that are suitable for wheelchairs users. wheelchair, accessible, mobility, scooter, buggy, push, chair, easy, access,

Access to open country The Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 introduced a new Right of Access on foot to large areas of countryside in Wales. This New Right of Access has been dubbed the "right to roam". The Act provides a right to walk on "open country" (defined as moor, mountain, down and heath) as well as on registered common land. These together are known as Access Land, countryside, ights, 2000ight, access, footight, roamccess, land,

Accessibility Castell Henllys Iron Age Village is located on a spur of land overlooking the valley of a small river. Visitors gain access to this reconstructed fort after buying their tickets in the Visitor Centre, which is located below the fort. mobile, phone, reception, hearing, loop, wheelchair, users, pushchairs, castell, henllys,

Activities Try our new “Enjoy Pembrokeshire” Website. This is a map-based site which lets you choose the activities that you would like to do and leads you to the best places close to your home or accommodation. activities, surfing, windsurfing, walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, horse, facilities, riding,

Activities Pembrokeshire - great to look at even better to play in! activities, cycling, surfing, horseriding, sailing, kayaking, walking, climbing, kitesurfing,

Advertisements applications The National Park is an area of special control of advertisements. This means that there are stricter controls over advertisements within the National Park than those in other areas. advertisements, applications,

Affordable Housing Information, maps, supplementary planning guidance for affordable housing in the National Park affordable, housing, 50pg, supplementary, planning, guidance, viability, three, dragons,

Affordable Housing Frequently Asked Quesitons Frequently asked questions about affordable housing in the National Park affordable, housing, housing, s106, section,

Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance affordable, housing, supplementary, planning, guidance,

Affordable Solar Homes £47,000 of SDF funding helped Western Solar Ltd to design and construct this working prototype of an affordable eco-home; i.e. a three bedroomed home, constructed entirely out of welsh timber, that can generate enough solar electricity to meet all of its own energy requirements and be able to store or export any excess generated for revenue. solar, homes, prototype, affordable, welsh, timber,

Agricultural notification under GDO Under Part 6 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, certain building and other operations on agricultural land are, subject to approval being given for the siting and design and external appearance, permitted development. agricultural, notification, under,

Aims and Purposes The first ten National Parks in England and Wales were set up between 1951 and 1957, after the 1949 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act. statutory, purposes, aims, purposes,

An Oriel y Parc Welcome Oriel y Parc visitors are greeted by an enthusiastic and welcoming team of staff, who are here to inform, guide and hopefully inspire. discovery, room, staff, team, visitor, information, centre, gallery,

Annual Archaeology Day Information about the annual Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Archaeology Day tombs, stone, circles, castles, neolithic, palaeolithic, archaeology, planed, archaeology,

Annual Monitoring Report Annual Monitoring Reports for the Local Development Plan annual, monitoring, reports, local, development, plan,

Appeal decisions Appeals are usually considered by an Inspector appointed by the National Assembly for Wales - although in some cases the appeal decision will be made by a Minister. appeal, decisions,

Application Form Download Here you will find the application forms for any vacant positions within the National Park Authority. application, form, download, application, pack, vacancies, jobs,

Application Forms and Fees Planning Application Forms and Fees. Planning legislation covers a number of different forms of development for which formal approval is required. planning, application, forms, fees,

Application Guidance Notes Application Guidance Notes application, guidance, notes,

Application tips Thank you for your interest in working for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. Please read the following guidance notes to help you complete your application. application, tips, description, person, specification,

Applying for a job with the National Park Applying for a job with the National Park. Applying for jobs can take time but we hope you find our process clear and worthwhile. application, process, jobs, vacancies, advice,

Archaeology Archaeology is the study of humans in the past through the remains they leave behind. Walking into the roundhouses at Castell Henllys is like stepping back in time. archaeology, excavation, iron,

Archives Committee Paper Archives committee, paper, archives,

Artist in Residence Programme Residencies at Oriel y Parc allow artists to take inspiration from the beauty of the National Park landscape and work with local groups and schools to create original pieces of art. artist, residence,

Audit and Corporate Services Review Committee This Committee looks at risks and performance in the following areas: •Finance •Human Resources •Information Technology •Performance Management •Communications audit, corporate, review, committee, support,

Authority Insurance Details of the Authority's Insurance insurers, insurance,

Background information Background information to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority background, informationuthority,

Background Paper - Settlement Capacity Study LDP Background Paper - Settlement Capacity Study

Background Paper - Tests of Soundness LDP Background Paper - Tests of Soundness

Background Papers This page contains background papers update as part of the preparation of the replacement local development plan ldpocal, development, plan, review,

Background Papers A-F Background Papers A-F background, papers,

Background Papers A-F LDP Background Papers A-F

Background Papers for the Local Development Plan Papers containing evidence and supporting information used in the production of the Local Development Plan local, development, plan, background, evidence,

Background Papers G-L LDP Background Papers G-L

Background Papers G-L Background Papers G-L background, papers,

Background Papers M-R Background Papers M-R background, papers,

Background Papers M-R LDP Background Papers M-R

Background Papers S-Z LDP Background Papers S-Z

Background Papers S-Z Background Papers S-Z background, papers,

Barefoot Trail This barefoot walking trail – among the first of its kind in Wales – gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of Celtic warriors at Castell Henllys. castell, henllys, barefoot, walking, trail, nant, duad, walking, path, easy, access, wheelchair, buggy,

Bats and Planning Bat populations have declined drastically in recent years, many of our bats are under threat and several are very rare. This decline is due to a range of factors including loss of roosting sites and foraging habitat and the fragmentation of commuting routes. bats, species, surveys,

Bats in Pembrokeshire Information about the 12 protected bat species in Pembrokeshire bats, conservation, pipistrelle, protected, species, roosts,

Beach Safety All beaches can be dangerous in the wrong conditions. These guidelines will help keep you informed and equipped so that you can make the most of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful beaches in safety. beach, safety, guidlines, emergency,

Beach Wheelchairs Beach wheelchairs help less able people enjoy Pembrokeshire’s beaches. The National Park Authority’s wheelchairs are specially designed and manufactured to be used on sandy beaches. beach, wheelchairs, accessibility, easy, sand, disabled, blue, badge, hire,

Before You Apply Before you carry out any work there are a number of important matters you need to consider. The following gives an outline of the matters that should be considered. Further details on any of these issues can be found by using the links below. applyupplementary, planning, guidance, building, control, permitted, development,

Blog Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Blog written by range of National Park Staff and some guests too! From wildlife to archaeology to art... blog,

Blue Lagoon, Abereiddi The Blue Lagoon is a reminder of Pembrokeshire’s industrial past, being the site of a former slate quarry. The lagoon was created when the outer wall was breached just over a century ago. abereiddi, iconic, views, 60th, anniversary,

Building Conservation As well as looking after our wildlife and landscape, Pembrokeshire’s buildings, from fishermen’s cottages to mansions and castles, need to be conserved in order to ensure that the Park’s built heritage still stands for the next generation, telling the story of our history and culture. listed, buildingsonservation, areas, building, conservation,

Building Conservation Building Conservation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. building, conservationob, scourfield, listed, buildings, conservation, areas,

Building Control Building Control (the need to meet the requirements of Building Regulations) and Planning (the need to meet Planning Legislation) are separate forms of legislation. For many forms of development, BOTH are required before work can commence. building, regulations, control,

Building Materials One of the principal materials in this structure is wood. From the wooden supporting timbers to the gallery steps, all of this wood has been sourced with sustainability in mind. building, materials, welsh, wood,

Bylaws These Byelaws apply to land owned or leased by the National Park Authority - NB this is around 1% of the National Park as a whole. County Council Byelaws cover behaviour of dogs on beaches and open spaces and use of powercraft on inland waters. Events may well need licencing by the County Council if they involve certain activities e.g. music or sale of alchohol roperties, fires, dogs, beach, activities, dogs, byelaws, rules,

Caldey Island Famous for its Cistercian abbey, this charming island is an easy 20-minute boat trip from Tenby. The most wooded of Pembrokeshire's islands, its sheltered village area has a cosy atmosphere and caters well for the day visitor. caldey, island, cistercian, abbey, tenby,

Call for Candidate Sites Local Development Plan (2) Candidate Sites local, development, plan, (replacementandidate, sites,

Campaign for National Parks The Council for National Parks (CNP) is a national charity. It works to protect and enhance the National Parks of England and Wales, and areas that merit National Park status. campaign,

Car Parking Car parking charges at Oriel y Parc, National Park Visitor Centre, St Davids charges, seasons, times, oriel, davids,

Car Parks managed by the National Park Authority Information on the National Park Authority's car parks, which sites charge for parking, information on season tickets and blue badge holders ingeason, ticket, blue, badge, coach, weekly, display,

Caravan Sites This page provides a simple summary of the main issues to do with the location of caravan sites in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. caravan, sites, tourism, landscape, beauty,

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill The magnificent Carew Castle has a history spanning 2,000 years. Set in a stunning location, overlooking a 23-acre millpond, the castle displays the development from a Norman fortification to an Elizabethan country house. carew, castle, tidal, mill, opening, dates, times, entry, prices,

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill Carew's first castle was an earth and wood structure, which was later replaced by a stone building when the Normans first took control of South Pembrokeshire at the end of 11th century. iconic, views, carew, castle, tidal, mill, christmas, market, kingfisher,

Carew Castle Tour A Virtual Tour around Carew Castle carew, castle, tour, description, rooms,

Carew Castle's History Learn More About Carew Castle & Tidal Mill's history including Gerald de Windsor, Princess Nest, Sir Nicholas de Carew, Sir Rhys Ap Thomas and Sir John Perrott. carew, castle, tidal, mill, history, tudors, princess, nest, gerald, windsor, rhys, thomas,

Carew Tidal Mill Carew Tidal Mill is the only restored tidal Mill in Wales and one of just five in the UK. carew, castle, tidal, mill, restoration, millpond, french, mill, crab, catching, causeway,

Cars on Beaches This page discusses the issue of cars on beaches and illustrates how some of the conflicts that may arise have been tackled by the National Park Authority. cars, beaches, stuck, children, buggies, foreshore, crown, estate, rangers, marine, life,

Castell Henllys and beyond Wherever humans go, we shape our environment. The ancient people of North Pembrokeshire were no exception. The marks they made in the landscape left tantalising traces of their lives and their stories. ancient, landscape, prehistoric, gwlad, lledrith, land, magic, enchantment, origins,

Castell Henllys app The free Castell Henllys app has been developed to be your guide as you explore one of Pembrokeshire’s most special places. interactive, smart, phone, tablet, android, apple, videos, photos, post, card,

Castell Henllys Iron Age Village Nestled deep in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, there’s really no other place like it. castell, henllys, iron, village, opening, dates, times, entry, prices, contact,

Caves - Stackpole Head A description of caves at Stackpole Head and how they are formed caves, bedding, planes, joints, erosion, wave, action, stackpole, habitat, grey, seal, barafundle,

Cemaes Head Himalayan Balsam Eradication Project SDF support has helped a dedicated band of community volunteers to make massive in -roads into eradicating the invasive plant species Himalayan Balsam from a 32 acre site on Cemaes Head in North Pembrokeshire. himalayan, balsam, eradication, cemaes, head, dogmaels, community,

Certificate of Lawful Development There are two forms of Certificates of Lawful Development •for an existing use •for a proposed use They are not applications for planning permission certificate, lawful, development,

Changing Coasts The landscape around us is changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Help us record these changes by taking a photo from our fixed photography post at Abereiddi and sharing it with us. We will add it to all the other shared images and create a time-lapse film to show the changes. changing, photography, time-lapse,

Choose your Walk Choose from over 200 circuit walks in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Also listed is a selection of gentle strolls, plus wheelchair and easy access walks. The search facility contains a wide range of walks which are maintained and promoted by the National Park Authority. walks, promoted, walks, circular, walksircuit, walkseb, walks, countryside, code,

Chough Information about biology and conservation of the Chough chough, conservation, rare, birds, protected, species,

Climate Change - a Pembrokeshire perspective What is meant by climate change, and how any change might affect Pembrokeshire climate, change, weather, climate, atmosphere, seasons, wildlife, tourism, farming,

Climbing at St. Govans A look at the issues surrounding the popularity of the cliffs at St. Govans for climbing conflict, cliffs, stovans, climbing, chough, rare, birds, modranger,

Clues in the landscape What do us Brits like discussing more than anything else?! The weather of course! And from tropical landscapes to glaciers and ice sheets, Britain has been through it all. global, temperature, beach, platforms, cantre’r, gwaelod, submerged, forests,

Coast Pembrokeshire's mild oceanic climate and prevailing south-westerly winds exercise a strong influence on the county's agriculture, land use and its native habitats and species, many of which are globally restricted to such maritime areas. mild, oceanic, climate, prevailing, south-westerly, winds, exercise, strong, influence,

Coast Path Accommodation Information on accommodation in Pembrokeshire can also be found by contacting a Tourist Information Centre in the area you wish to stay, or the Visit Wales website and/or Pembrokeshire County Council's Tourism webiste Visit Pembrokeshire. accommodation, tent, camping, hotels, staying, overnight, guest, houseath,

Coast Path Mileage Chart This chart is designed for both the long-distance and casual walker using the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail. mileage, chart, path, trail, walking, distance,

Coast Path Safety Code Take care on the Coast Path - it's rugged, natural terrain. Please follow the Coast Path Safety Code: safety, essential, information, safe, children, danger, winds, rain, weather, dogs,

Coast to Coast 2017 Coast to Coast 2017 is now available from outlets across Pembrokeshire and will soon be available online and via the Coast to Coast app on Apple and Android devices. 2017, visitor, magazine, page, turner, award-winning, tourism,

Coastal Buses - Frequently Asked Questions Pembrokeshire Coastal Bus Services are local bus services that travel along the coast, seven days a week during the summer, to access walks, beaches, boat trips, local villages and attractions. buses, buses, walker, walkingath, public, transport, trains,

Coastal Features Introduction to the coastal features that are found in the National Park features, geography, geology, line,

Coastal Habitats Coastal habitats in Pembrokeshire habitats, conservation, shore, tide,

Commencement Order LDP Commencement Order commencement, order,

Committee Members The Committee responsible for considering planning issues within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the National Park Development Management Committee. development, management, committee,

Committee Papers Committee Papers committee, papers, bettws, newydd, monitoring, officer, john, parsons, report,

Community Council Workshops workshop materials for community and town councils community, wokshops, council, community, council,

Community Panels Community Panels for the LDP community, panels,

Conservation St Davids Airfield, where Halifax engines once roared, is now a special place for a rich variety of plants and animals. There are two special habitats on the airfield: traditional hay meadow and heathland. davids, airfield, skylarks, meadow, sssi, heathland,

Conservation and Planning Review Committee This was formerly the body responsible for monitoring targets that have been set for and by the Authority. It has now been disbanded and replaced by the Operational Review Committee planning, development, conservation, review, performance,

Conservation and protection in the National Park Introduction to Conservation and Protection in the National Park conservation, protection, habitat, warden, ranger, monitoring,

Conservation Area Conservation Areas were first proposed in 1967 after it was formally considered that whole areas could be of interest and value, not just individual properties. conservation, area,

Conservation Area Descriptions Conservation Area Description conservation, area,

Conservation Land Management How land management helps achieve National Park purposes. wildlife, conservation, landscape,

Conserving the Park A range of practical initiatives to conserve wildlife. conservationuthority,

Conserving Traditional Buildings Conserving traditional buildings helps to maintain a strong and distinctive local character. Since the 1939-45 war, many traditional building skills have been lost. conserving, historic, buildings, public, buildings, building, materials, methods, traditional,

Construction The new development incorporates the existing National Park Visitor Centre, built in 1999, and provides a much larger complex containing two new landscape galleries. constructionvisitor, centre,

Contact the Personnel Team Contact the Personnel Team. For a job pack for a current vacancy, application form contact, personnel, team, susanne, hooper,

Contact Us How to get in touch with us at Carew Castle & Tidal Mill. Carew Castle, Carew, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 8SL, Phone 01646 651782 E-mail: contact, carew, castle, tidal, mill, email, social, media, facebook, trip, advisor,

Contact Us Contact Us Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire Wales, UK, SA72 6DY Phone: 01646 624800 Fax: (01646) 689076 contact, information, visitor, questions, residents, enquire, inquiries,

Contact us Contact details for Castell Henllys Iron Age Village including telephone, email, post, Facebook or TripAdvisor. contact, telephone, email, facebook, tripadvisor, postal,

Cookie Policy How and why we use cookies on our web pages cookies,

Corporate Documents In order to comply with legislation, government policy and good practice, the Authority is required to produce the following corporate documents which set out standards and/or targets which it will try to meet. corporate, financial, accounts, corporate, welsh, language, scheme, business, plan, audit, equality,

Culture Pembrokeshire has a rich and diverse culture which has been shaped down the centuries by waves of invaders and settlers. ulture, heritage, casltes,

Current Job Vacancies Current Job Vacancies current, vacancies, jobs,

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Information held by the Authority will normally be available for public inspection... data, protection, freedom, information,

Delivery Agreement consultation page for the delivery agreement delivery, agreement,

Deposit Plan Deposit Plan deposit, plan,

Design Features Oriel y Parc has been designed to use our basic natural resources of the sun, rain and native vegetation to cut down on our use of power and processed water. design, features,

Development Management Committee The Development Management Committee meets every six weeks to determine planning applications and to deal with all matters relating to the designation and administration of Conservation Areas. development, management, committee, planning, meetings, public, speaking,

Directions to Oriel y Parc Follow signs for the A487 to St Davids and continue along the A487 for 15 miles passing through Newgale and Solva on to St Davids. directions, davids, haverfordwest, fishguard, where, oriel,

Directions to Oriel y Parc Follow signs for the A487 to St Davids and continue along the A487 for 15 miles passing through Newgale and Solva on to St Davids. directions, davids, haverfordwest, fishguard, where, oriel,

Discover Your Park A guide to what is available from the Education Team, and how to make an educational visit with the National Park discoverourism, habitats, castell, henllys, carew, castle, oriel,

Distressed Wildlife Wildlife in distress / stranded / being disturbed This page shows who to call in order of priority. Thanks to the RNLI & Protecting Wildlife Pembrokeshire Marine Code for supplying this vital information. distressed, wildlife, stranded, disturbed,

Do you live locally? Living in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. transport, planning, landowners, projects, sustainable, development, walking, community,

Dogs on beaches You and your dog are welcome on more than 50 of Pembrokeshire’s beaches, but some have dog restricted areas or dog bans between May 1st and the end of September. dogs, beaches, litter, fouling, restrictions, seasonal,

Dormice and Planning Dormice are recognisable for their bright golden colour and thick furry tails. They are nocturnal and are commonly found in woodland and hedgerows, favouring coppiced woodland with hazel. These habitats provide a varied diet throughout the year and allow the dormice to move through the trees as they seem to avoid travelling over open ground. dormice, surveys,

Draft Welsh Language Strategy 2017-2022 The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is seeking views on its five-year draft Welsh Language Strategy, which sets out how it proposes to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language more widely in the National Park. welsh, language, strategy, cymraeg, draft, consultation, opinion,

Easy Access Beaches Easy Access Beaches in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park easy, access, beaches, amroth, wiseman's, bridge, saundersfoot, tenby,

Easy Access Viewpoints The following viewpoints can all be reached by car and have a parking area or layby. The locations are shown on the map below and also given as Ordnance Survey grid references. easy, access, viewpointsiewpoints.,

Ecological Connections This page describes the meaning of the term "Ecology" and then expands this to explain related terms like ecosystem and biodiversity - all in a Pembrokeshire context. conservation, ecology, habitats, biodiversity, niche, diversity,

Ecological resilience Land management for an ecologically resilient countryside. ecological, resilience, conservation, management,

Education Project Examples Educating children and young people about their environment, the wildlife it supports and how, through our actions, we can help to protect it is vital for a sustainable future. The SDF has therefore supported a number of innovative and exciting education projects. education, projects, sustainable, environment, wildlife, wise, waste, silent, world,

Enjoying Making the most of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. enjoying, activities, beaches, family, holidays, wildlife, surfing, kayaking, walking, climbing,

Environmental Appraisals (SA, SEA & HRA) Final Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment of the Local Development plan sustainability, appraisal, habitat, regulations, assessment, strategic, environmental, appropriate,

Environmental Impact Assessment With a limited number of applications, European legislation requires that the proposal be accompanied by a Environmental Impact Assessment. environmental, impact, assessments,

Environmental, Social and Economic Appraisals This page contains the sustainability appraisal, habitats regulations appraisal and other appraisals of the replacement local development plan equalities, sustainability, appraisal, habitats, regulations,

Erosion caused by Recreation How different groups using the National Park for recreation can cause erosion of paths, and how this is managed by the National Park walkers, climbers, fishermen, erosion, management, water, rainwater, honeypotath,

Estuary - Cleddau Estuary Woods Description and pic of the Cleddau Estuary woods. sheltered, mudflats, tidal, creek, navigable, hazel, estuary, cleddau, woodland,

Event planning checklist This section provides guidance for event organisers considering holding an event in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Follow the steps in the event planning checklist below to make sure that your event is a success. event, planning, checklist, research, consultation, planning, restoration,

Events Welcome to this year's selection of Activities and Events hosted by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. We have a variety of exciting activities where you can explore the National Park and appreciate its wildlife, landscape, history and culture. Our programme tries to offer something for everyone so use the search facility to find something to suit you. activities, events, programme, coming, upcoming,

Events at Carew There is a packed programme of events and fun activities for all ages at Carew Castle throughout the year from Have-a-Go Archery, Falconry and Ghost Tours to Open Air Theatre, Knight School and our Christmas Craft Fayre! activities, events, carew, castle, tidal, mill, family, holidays,

Events Map Upcoming events on a map events,

Exhibitions Here at Oriel y Parc a variety of exhibitions by Pembrokeshire artists and craftsmen can be seen on display throughout the Visitor Centre. There is also a Class A Landscape Gallery, which often features the work of Graham Sutherland, who bequeathed a body of his artwork to Pembrokeshire. exhibitions, artists, craftsainters, ceramicists,

Facilities When you come to a National Park the experience is largely about landscape and tranquility and this means that facilities may be limited in the more remote areas. However, in Pembrokeshire, there’s a good range of the facilities that you may need to enjoy a day out on the Coast Path or in the hills. This page gives a summary of information and useful links but for maps and site details check out our Enjoy Pembrokeshire site under Facilities facilities, buses, slipways, toilets, enjoyimetables, greenways,

Facilities in the National Park Facilities in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park facilitiesbuses, toilets, slipways,

Facts About the National Park Information about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park - when created, what is here etc. habitats, visitors, 1952, special, population,

Filming in the National Park You can film on public land which includes public highways. However if you would like to film on private land, you need to ask the permission of the landowner. filming, permissions, licence, foreshore, drone, camera, crew, television, location,

Films in the Park Pembrokeshire’s panoramic views, dramatic coastline and unspoilt sandy beaches have been captured on the silver screen in films throughout the last five decades. films, harry, potter, robin, hood, vanity, fair, moby, dick, third, star,

Find out what wildlife's 'hot' to spot right now! Pembrokeshire National Park Wildlife Calendar. Find out what wildlife's 'hot' to spot right now! seals, wildlife, guillemots, cormorants, gannets, dolphins, porpoises, photos, pictures,

Fishy visitors to Pembrokeshire A brief look at the more unusual fish that pass the Pembrokeshire coast fish, sharks, basking, shark, sunfish,

Forestry Notification under the GDO Under Part 7 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, certain operations on land used for forestry purposes are, subject to the prior approval of the local authority, permitted development. forestry, notification, under,

Frequently Asked Questions Job FAQs for people wanting to work for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority jobs, vacanciesfaqs,

Freshwater West Freshwater West is a wonderful, wild location popular with surfers, walkers, Hollywood filmmakers and wildlife lovers alike. freshwater, west, robin, hood, dunes, sand, beach,

Friends of Oriel y Parc Friends of Oriel y Parc, member, join, subscription, 15% discount friends, oriel, yember, join, subscription, 15iscount,

Friends of Pembrokeshire National Park Friends of Pembrokeshire National Park is an independent voluntary association and registered charity established in 1991. It has no formal links with the statutory National Park Authority. friends,

Further Information Further Information. The aims of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Roles of the key organisations and contacts. Useful Websites roles, organisations, contactsseful, websites,

Gateholm and Albion Sands Info and pic on Gateholm and Albion Sands - clifftops, headlands and offshore islets consisting of Devonian sandstones, with shingle beaches and rocky coves noted for historic shipwrecks near Skokholm. gateholm, albion, sands, devonian, sandstonehipwreck, skokholm, islet, islets, erosion, marloes,

General Applications The majority of applications are submitted using a standard planning form. This form is for developments including: general, applications,

Geography for Schools Introduction to the geography pages of the website geography, tourism, sustainable, tourism, conflicts, planning,

Geological Conservation Geological Conservation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park geologyocks, sites, special, scientific, interest,

Geological Conservation Geological Conservation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. popular, attractions, sssis, geological, code, conduct, geology, training, popular, attractions,

Geological Conservation Geological Conservation in Pembrokeshire. Forget castles, iron age hill forts, golden sandy beaches and the ice cream van. We’re talking about what’s under your feet! The very stones on which the National Park lies. geological, conservation, popular, attractions, sites, special, scientific, interest, geological, code,

Geology When you think about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park you may conjure up images of beautiful beaches, panoramic views from the coast path and quaint fishing villages complete with cosy local pubs. geology, sssi, precambrian, carboniferous, rocks,

Gerald De Windsor and Princess Nest Princess Nest was the daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, a Welsh prince and was born around 1080. After her father's death in 1093 she spent much of her youth in the court of Henry I by whom she had her first son. In 1100 she married Gerald de Windsor, an Anglo-Norman baron who was much older than Nest. carew, castle, tidal, mill, castle, keepers, gerald, windsor, princess, nest, henry,

Getting around Pembrokeshire Bus Services - A perfect walking partner Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority sees better public transport as a key way to provide a better, greener experience for our visitors and local residents. We are a partner in Pembrokeshire Greenways, a project to develop the use of sustainable transport for recreation in the countryside and to promote walking, cycling, bus and train travel. buses, trains, coaches, public, transport, rail, ferries, timetables, greenways,

Gift Shop The gift shop at Oriel y Parc includes a wide variety of products, from locally handcrafted items, such as wooden bowls and stoneware vases, to exclusively designed silver jewellery, art materials, cards, locally made jams and chutneys, children’s toys and a wide range of books. gift, shop, crafts, local, products,

Google Trekker You can now view the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail from your computer, mobile or tablet as the world-famous walking route has been added to Google Street View. google, trekker, street, view, panoramic, views, path, trail, camera, walking,

Graham Sutherland Graham Sutherland left a collection of his work to the people of Pembrokeshire and stipulated that the paintings should be seen in the place which had inspired them. graham, sutherland, graham, sutherland, collection, exhibition, oriel,

Grant Application Guidelines Applications are open to projects that show a commitment to the principles of sustainable development and demonstrate innovation and good environmental practice. sustainable, development, eligible, aims, objectives,

Grassholm The island of Grassholm, 6 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast, is the most spectacular gannetry in southern Britain, and the third largest in the northern hemisphere. grassholm,

Green Headquarters for NPA Llanion Park How the National Park HQ at Llanion was designed with energy saving in mind eadquarters,

Green Wedge Background Paper Green Wedge Background Paper evidence, background, green, wedge,

Greenways Partnership (and Coastal Buses) A summary and two pics of the bus service provided by the Greenways Project in the National Park. greenways, routesath, strategic, service, general, usage, holidaymakers, residents, frequ,

Guidance for organisers of active outdoor events This guidance has been written to help event organisers and landowners to plan and manage active outdoor events in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. active, outdoor, events, guidance, management, sporting, running, swimming, cycling, surfing,

Guillemots and Razorbills A brief look at auks in Pembrokeshire razorbill, guillemot, cliffs, seabirds, skomer, stack, rocks,

Habitat Regulations Assessment for Submission Habitat Regulations Assessment for Submission

Habitats Pembrokeshire is internationally important for many of its coastal, marine and lowland heath habitats, and of national importance for other habitats such as its ancient, semi-natural oak woodland. interly, important, many, marine, lowland, heath, habitat,

Habitats of the National Park Introduces the mosaic of different habitats habitat, adaptation, niche, estuary, inland, protection, management,

Happy 60th birthday, Pembrokeshire Coast! The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park turns 60 on February 29th 2012. 60th, birthday, anniversary, february, 29th,

Harbours Looking at how human activity has adapted the natural environment to create safe havens for sea going vessels. harbour, haven, cove, headland, lime, burning, coal, mining, recreation, tenby, fishguard, porthc,

Hardoldston Chins The Haroldston Chins lookout provides great panoramas across St Brides Bay and offers excellent views of the spectacular geology found on this coastline. It’s also a great place to watch fulmars. These stiff-winged birds are members of the albatross family and have special nose tubes which allow them to process seawater for fluid on long flights. haroldston, chins, iconic, views, 60th, anniversary,

Hearing Timetable To begin the Appellant obtains a copy of the Appeal form from the Planning Inspectorate (a link is provided on the web page) hearing, timetable,

Hearings A formal timetable is set for the exchange of documents and comments relating to the appeal which all parties, the Appellant, the Planning Authority, The Inspectorate and any third parties, must follow. hearings,

Heathlands Conservation and re-creation of heathland habitats across Pembrokeshire. conservation, heathland, strumble, head, davids, airfield, penlan, forest, dowrog, common, organic,

Hedges and hedgerows Hedges and hedgerows form an important feature in the landscape and provide habitats for many species of wildlife. They are often also of archaeological and historical value. For this reason, most countryside hedges are protected by law under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997. hedges, hedgerows,

Hedges and hedgerows Hedges and hedgerows form an important feature in the landscape and provide habitats for many species of wildlife. They are often also of archaeological and historical value. For this reason, most countryside hedges are protected by law under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997. hedges, hedgerows,

Heritage Hotspots Heritage Hotspots in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. heritage, hotspotsentre, ifan, angle, foel, drygarn,

High Hedges What can I do about high hedges? New laws have been introduced to deal with the nuisance caused by high hedges. high, hedges, planning, system,

High Hedges New laws have been introduced to deal with the nuisance caused by high hedges high, hedges,

Himalayan balsam Himalayan balsam has become an invasive non-native species (INNS) in the UK and is most commonly found on riverbanks, waste ground, and damp areas, and can also thrive in many other habitats. Himalayan balsam tolerates low light levels and smothers other vegetation as it out-competes native plants, gradually impoverishing habitats. invasive, non-native, species, himalayan, balsam, inns, impatiens, glandulifera,

Historic Buildings Historic buildings are a key part of the special qualities of the National Park. We have a rich legacy of buildings and structures, ranging from grand Medieval castles to small 19th century cottages and including limekilns, bridges and walled gardens. Some of our buildings have been 'listed' for their special architectural or historical interest. historic, buildings, medieval, castles, walled, gardens, listed, cadw, welsh, historic, monuments,

History and Culture Pembrokeshire Coast is one of three National Parks in Wales, the other two being Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. It is the UK’s only truly coastal National Park. For centuries the Park has been a living, working landscape where people and nature co-exist. wild, ruggedolcanic, rocks, wildlife, archaeological, sites, davids, cathedral,

History for Schools Introduction to the history pages on the website history, iron, tudor, victorian,

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Housing Background Paper Housing Background Paper Update March 2010 housing, backgound, evidence,

How can I apply for funding? Applying for sustainable development funding from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority applying, sustainable, development, funding,

How to build a roundhouse The roundhouses at Castell Henllys were built using a vast range of materials including timber of many types and sizes, reed, clay, dung (daub), twine and rope. roundhouses, timber, reed, clay, dung, (daubwine, rope, wattle,

How to find Carew Castle & Tidal Mill Carew Castle and Tidal Mill nestle in the upper reaches of the Daugleddau in the heart of the National Park. It’s easy to find and get to by road and public transport or by bicycle if you’re feeling energetic. carew, castle, getting, here, directions, transport, train, bicycle,

How to get here Castell Henllys is tucked deep within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. You can catch a glimpse of this Iron Age hill fort, one of many that have shaped this world-class landscape, from the main road. Have a look at the map below. directions, castell, henllys, road, public, transport,

Impacts of Recreation Impacts of Recreation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park recreation, activities, outdoor, activities, surf, wind, surfing, kayaking, beaches, litter, walki,

Impacts of Recreation Impacts of Recreation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. impacts, recreationctivities, kayking, outdoor, pursuits,

Inland habitats An introduction to Inland habitats inland, habitats, protection, biodiversity, maritme, influence, climate, marginal, land,

Inlets and Estuaries Inlets and estuaries in Pembrokeshire range in size from small inlets such as Solva through to the large Milford Haven Waterway and Daugleddau Estuary (one of the finest drowned rias in the UK), which is internationally recognised for its very high biodiversity. inlets, estuaries, range, size, from, small, inlets, such, solva, through,

Inquiry Timetable To Begin the Appellant obtains a copy of the Appeal form from the Planning Inspectorate (a link is provided on the web page) inquiry, timetable,

Inshore Waters Much of Pembrokeshire's seabed is swept by fast tidal currents and its shape is as varied as that of the adjacent landforms. much, seabed, swept, fast, tidal, currents, shape, varied, that,

Interpreting your Community Do you think that your area is special? Do you want to share your stories with visitors? Interpretation is about communicating your heritage to visitors in a way that will increase their enjoyment and understanding. You might do this through a panel, a leaflet or an event or activity. interpreting, community, groups, projects,

Introduction The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a great place to hold organised events and has hosted, over many years, a wide and varied range of successful outdoor events, including Ironman Wales and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. events, active, outdoor, organise, guidance, ironman, cliff, diving,

Invasive non-native species (INNS) Invasive non-native species (INNS) can outcompete native UK species, physically change ecosystems and damage property. Some, like Giant hogweed, can be extremely harmful to human health. invasive, inns, non-native, species, japanese, knotweed, himalayan, balsam, rhododendron, hogweed,

Iron Age Pembrokeshire A brief look at the influence that Iron Age people had upon the area, and the signs they left in the landscape iron, hill, forts, promontory, hill, forts, roundhouses, castell, henllys, foel, drygarn, skomer,

Japanese knotweed Japanese knotweed (fallopia japonica), a member of the dock family, is a tall, vigorous ornamental plant that escaped from cultivation in the late 1800s. invasive, non-native, species, japanese, knotweed,

Jellyfish A brief look at jellyfish and a creature that eats them jellyfish, moon, jellyfish, barrel, jellyfish, leatherback, turtle, turtles,

Jobs Find out about jobs at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. jobs, vacancies, careers, work, experience,

Joint Housing Land Availability Study The Authority undertakes an annual Housing Land Availability Study, which calculates the amount of land available for residential development within the National Park. A minimum 5 years supply should be maintained. The Joint Housing Land Availability Study Report provides the latest figures for the Authority. jhla,

Key Contacts in Planning Enforcement This page provides the key contact information for officers responsible for planning enforcement in the National Park contacts, planning, enforcement,

Landscape Character Assessment Landscape Character Assessment LDP Background Paper

Landscape Character Assessment SPG June 2011 Adopted Landscape Character Assessment SPG June 2011 working Draft landscape, character, assessment,

Landscape Matters Landscape issues. The landscape of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is extremely important and the protection and enhancement of it is a prime consideration in all aspects of our work. landscape, issues,

Latest News Latest News latest, news,

LDP Review Report Local Development Plan Review consultation review, review, report, local, development, plan,

Learning About Are you studying in school or college or through Lifelong Learning? Do you want to learn more about the Pembrokeshire Coast? If that’s a yes to one or both then you’re in the right place! learning, geography, history, scienceurriculum, curriculum, cymreig,

Leave only Footprints Leave only Footprints in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park boating, activities, litter, traveldogs, outdoor, activities,

Leave Only Footprints Tread lightly in the National Park. It‘s really not possible to take the very large numbers of visitors that any UK National Park receives without some impact on the environment. But because the UK National Parks are living, working landscapes, the tourism industry is an important part of the system that supports that landscape.

Legal protection of habitats and wildlife An explanation of legal protection law legal, protection, habitats, wildlife, conservation, sssi, natura, 2000, earth, summit,

Life of St David Life of St David in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park life, david, saintsaints,

Limestone Cliffs at St Govans Head Description of the limestone landscape at St. Govan's Head castlemartin, peninsula, carboniferous, limestone, stovan's, head, cliffs, climbers, boulder, beach,

Links Links, art galleries, museums, artists, st davids, accommodation links, galleries, museums, artists, davids, accommodation,

List of Members We have 18 Members on our Authority. Twelve are County Councillors who are appointed by Pembrokeshire County Council to provide local knowledge and expertise, but not to represent their own local authority constituency. The other six are appointed by Welsh Government, to represent the national interest and to provide additional specialist skills relevant to the work of the Authority. list, members, county, councillors, welsh, assembly, government,

Listed Building applications CADW, the Historic Buildings section of the National Assembly, regularly survey areas to identify buildings and structures that are of national and/or local importance. These buildings then become "listed buildings" and are protected in law. listed, building, applications,

Listed buildings explained What makes a building so special? From roundhouses and farms to milestones and the odd telephone box, it’s not just about how a building looks that can give it ‘listed’ status. listed, buildings, register, grade, grade, iirade,

Litter a look at the problems caused by littering - the sources, and solutions. litter, shipping, dogs, humans, health, freshwater, east, newport,

Living In Living in the National Park living, jobseacher, walker, community, group, planning, policy, conservation,

Living sustainably People living in Castell Henllys over 2,000 years ago managed the land in a way we now call ‘sustainable’. Their self-sufficient lifestyle was essential to their survival. living, sustainably, coppicing, grazing, livestock, self-sufficient,

Local Development Plan LDP Policies policy, pcnp,

Local Development Plan (Replacement) Stages stages of replacement plan development plan, local, plan, local, development, plan, reivew,

Local Development Plan 1 The Local Development Plan, together with national planning policy, will guide decisions on planning applications. local, development, plan, housing, employment,

Local Development Plan 2 This page provides details on the local development plan review process local, development, plan, review, review, replacement, plan,

Local Development Plan Text Local Development Plan Text and Map local, development, plan, text,

Local Information & Activities The St David's Peninsula has a wealth of places to visit and activities to do while you are here. We want you to get the most out of your stay and promote a sustainable trip by: information, ctivities,

Local Transport Links to local transport bus services and timetables in the St Davids area and Pembrokeshire local, transport, davids, pembrokshire, greenways, services, timetables,

Local Wildlife Every autumn grey seals come ashore to have their pups on the sheltered beaches of Pembrokeshire. Watch quietly from the cliff tops in September and October to see mother and baby seals basking in their natural surroundings. local, wildlife, grey, seals, gannets, puffins, storm, petrels, razorbills, ramsey, island,

Looking After Picture your favourite beach or walk, or the places you go in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to have fun or just to relax. And then imagine they weren’t there any more or just weren’t as special. looking, after, conservation, jobslanning, agriculture, sustainable, development,

Looking Back Pembrokeshire is a fantastic location full of unspoilt beaches, spectacular views, rolling hills and rugged landscapes as well as boasting a rich history. heritage, castles, castell, henllys, carew, castle, tidal, mill, culture,

Maintaining the Pembrokeshire Coast Path Pembrokeshire is unique in having such a special coastline that both a National Park and a National Trail have been created here. maintaining, working, wardens, rangers, maintenance, repair, vegetation, cutting, gates, stiles,

Major Planning Applications Current Major Applications within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. major, planning, applications,

Making a Planning Application The first thing you need to do, if you are unsure, is to check that you need planning permission. If the work is to your home, some minor changes can be done without needing planning permission. This is called your "permitted development rights". planning, application, advice, fees, pre-application, form, validation,

Manager Behaviour Framework This management behaviour framework underpins how the Authority delivers its services to the public. manager, behaviour, framework, services, authority, jobs, employment,

Managing Coastal Slopes Habitat and conservation of coastal slopes habitat, conservation, slopes, biodiversity, maritime, grassland, heath, farming, graz,

Managing Resources Introducing the pages on the website that consider how the National Park is managing energy consumption, and the use of scare resources energy, renewable, energy, green, energy, sustainable, development,

Marine conservation Some background to the management of the seas around the Pembrokeshire Coast. marine, conservation,

Marine issues What problems face marine wildlife off the Pembrokeshire Coast? marine,

Marine management Management of the European conservation sites off the Pembrokeshire Coast. marine, management,

Marine protected areas The sea next to the National Park is internationally important for wildlife. marine, protected, areasuthority,

Marine recreation How to enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast without disturbing wildlife. marine, recreation,

Marloes Sands Marloes Sands is one of the Pembrokeshire Coast’s most popular beaches boasting a combination of golden sands and the opportunity to watch a wonderful array of wildlife, from seals to sea birds. marloes, sands, beach, skomer, deer, skokholm,

Marsh in Teifi Estuary Information and photograph of the saltmarsh and sandbank complex on the edge of the Teifi Estuary teifi, estuary, saltmarsh, sandbank, colonisation, grazing, recreation, sailing,

Media and Communications Centre The Communications Centre of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority for press releases, statements, interviews and news. Email the Communications Team for any enquiries or you can reach us on 0845 345 7275 press, releases, statements, news, marie, edwards, laura, ridgway, camilla, horrox, janet, o'toole,

Meet the tribe Castell Henllys would have been home to a wealthy and influential family, who led a community of up to 100 people. The people would all have lived and worked closely together to produce food and materials for themselves and the chief. tribe, demetae, community, warrior, druid, chief, blacksmith, villagers,

Meetings and Conferences Meetings, conferences, room hire, services, facilities meetings, conferences, room, hire, services, facilities,

Members The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has 18 Members, 12 of whom are nominated by Pembrokeshire County Council, whilst the remaining 6 Members are appointed – following an interview process – by the Welsh Government. members, code, conduct, good, practice, committee, decisions, councillor, allowances,

Members' Declarations of Interest Declaration of personal interests for inclusion in the public register of Members' interests member, interests, code, conduct,

Middleholm Middleholm is a small green-topped rocky islet between Skomer and the mainland. It can be seen from the Deer Park at the end of the Marloes peninsula, across the roaring waters of the formidable Jack Sound. middleholm,

Military History St Davids Airfield was the last of eight built in Pembrokeshire and was operational during World War II. Unlike the other airfields, it remained in use after the war to support the Royal Navy. In the mid-1990s the Government decided it was surplus to requirements and in 1997 it was bought by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. davids, airfield, world, military, history,

Minerals Applications Quarrying and other minerals operations within the National Park are mainly limited to the small number of old quarries which continue to operate. minerals, applications,

Mobility Scooters Mobility scooters are provided by the National Park Authority at three of its sites and centres including Carew Castle, Newport Visitor Centre and Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre, St Davids. mobility, scooters, hire, davids, newport, castell, henllys, caeriw, tramper,

More about rocks More about rocks in the Pembrokeshire Coast National park. rocksrecambrian, cambrian, ordovician, silurian, devonian,

Mudflats and Estuaries Mud and estuaries - why these places are important in ecological terms mudflats, estuaries, daugleddau, succession, pioneer, plants, biodiversity, milford, haven, halophytes,

National Park Authority The National Park Authority consists of all 18 Members and usually meets every other month. It is the main decision making body, and decides on the policies to be implemented by both officers and other Committees. committee, authority, policy, decision,

National Park Authority and its Committees The National Park Authority is made up of our 18 Members. The Authority, as well as its Committees, hold regular meetings to discuss and vote on various issues affecting the workings of the National Park Authority and indeed the National Park. From planning applications to the Sustainable Development Fund, all aspects of how the Authority works is overseen by Members elected by the County Council and appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government. committees, members, development, management, performance, review, personnel, standards,

National Park Authority Rangers The Ranger role in a National Park Authority tends to be one of the best known and high profile posts but is one which is often not fully understood. rangersrecreation, delivery, management, team, warden, volunteer, voluntary,

National Park Careers National Park Career advice for working at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority careers, jobs, vacancies, work, experience,

National Park Conservation Videos Watch our new Conservation videos, which aim to tell you what's going on in the Park from the Wetlands to the Woodlands and the Seabirds to the Seals. Enjoy! conservation, videos, wetlands, woodlands, marine, seabirds, slopes,

National Park Management Plan View and download the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Management Plan. management, plan, conservation, purposes, guidance,

National Park Publications Publications produced by the National Park Authority publications, leaflets, guides, books, reading, information, walks, path, routes, footpath, access, trail,

National Park Ranger Areas Find out who is the Ranger for the different areas of the National Park. ranger, team, areas, north, westouth, east, daugleddau, estuary, castlemartin,

National Parks: Supporting Economic Wellbeing The National Parks of Wales are living, working areas that support vibrant communities and iconic landscapes that are used to market Wales across the world. They are also special places that must be conserved for future generations. The Valuing our Environment report indicated that the National Parks of Wales support 12,000 jobs, produce a total income of £177million and generate a GDP of £205million. wales, members, seminar, supporting, economic, wellbeing,

Nevern Nevern, located just north of Newport on the North Pembrokeshire coast, is steeped in history, with its castle, Celtic High Cross and ‘bleeding’ yew tree providing a lasting reminder of the area’s fascinating past. nevern, castle, celtic, high, cross, river, nanhyfer, bleeding,

Nevern Castle Perched high above the Nant Gamman stream with a steep-sided natural gorge to one side and views over the surrounding countryside, this site has been an important defensive location for centuries. nevern, castle, archaeologists, archaeological, welsh, cultural, heritage, initiative, excavation,

Newport from Carningli The busy village of Newport is seen here from nearby Carningli, a former volcano which dominates the skyline. Carningli translates to ‘Mountain of Angels,’ and although there are many links with the 6th Century missionary St Brynach, there is evidence of earlier settlements from the Iron and Bronze Ages. newport, from, carningli, iconic, view, walks,

Newport National Park Visitor Centre Our Newport National Park Visitor Centre is also a fully networked Tourist Information Centre and lies at the heart of the historic town of Newport. At our centre you can obtain local information including where to go, what to do and where to stay. You can also obtain information on the National Park. newport, visitor, centre, tourist, information, welcome, preseli, traethmawr, beach, nevern, visitor,

Non-Material Amendment Non-Material Amendment Application Forms non-material, amendment, application, forms,

Notification of Demolition Works In addition to the general rules concerning development and demolition works within Conservation Areas, there are further controls over the demolition of all other buildings notification, demolition, works,

NP/16/0677/FUL Blackpool Mill Planning Application for Blackpool Mill blackpool, mill,

NP/16/0678/LBA Blackpool Mill NP/16/0678 Blackpool Mill Listed Building Application listed, building, blackpool, mill,

NP/16/0679/FUL NP/16/0679/FUL Blackpool Mill blackpool, mill,

NP/17/0048/FUL NP/17/0048/FUL - Cross Park, New Hedges np/17/0048/ful, residential, development, crossew, hedges,

Nudibranchs around Skomer An exploration of an often overlooked sea creature slug, hare, nudibranch, habitat, skomer, marine, nature, reserve,

Ocean Visitors A look at some of the marine creatures that visit the Pembrokeshire coast each year. jellyfish, sunfish, whales, dolphins, sharks, migration,

Opening and Prices Opening hours and entry prices for Carew Castle and Tidal Mill including season tickets and family tickets. carew, castle, tidal, mill, entry, prices, opening, tickets, entry, season, family, hours, child, adult,

Opening and prices Opening times and entrance prices for Castell Henllys Iron Age Village. opening, times, price, entrance, ticket, season, family, school, castell, henllys, iron, village,

Opening Hours Opening Hours at Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre opening, hours, oriel, gallery, visitor, centre, davids,

Operational Review Committee This Committee looks at risks and performance in the following areas unless already covered by the Audit and Corporate Services Review Committee • Development Management • Park Direction • Park Delivery • Discovery operational, review, risk, performance,

Oriel y Parc - a clever building An exploration of the gallery, Oriel y Parc, in St. David's. a building designed to be as 'green' as possible. sustainable, development, oriel, yreen, stavids, insulation, rain, water, harvesting,

Oriel y Parc Activities and Events Here at Oriel y Parc, we offer an exciting programme of activities and events throughout the year. The events range from family activities in the school holidays, to a formal learning programme for schools and short talks for students and adults. Have a look at the events listed below. programme, activities, events, learning, schools,

Oriel y Parc Cafe Oriel y parc Cafe is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm seven days a week. Food is served until 3pm and a selection of coffee, tea and cakes are served until 4.15pm. For further information please contact Serena, Grant or Sarah on 01437 721512 or email: oriel, yafe, davids, visitor, centre, refreshments, coffee, snacks, food,

Oriel y Parc Exhibitions A new exhibition featuring objects from the art, natural history and industry collections of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales has arrived at Oriel y Parc Gallery St Davids. exhibitions, clare, woods, graham, sutherland, natural, images, historic, photography, uncovered,

Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre oriel, gallery, visitor, centreraham, sutherland, artist, residence, heather, nixon,

Oriel y Parc Grounds Oriel y Parc Grounds oriel, grounds, visitor, centre, davids,

Otters and Planning Otters are semi aquatic, living mainly along rivers and are fairly shy, solitary animals, most active around dusk and into the night. Otter numbers were in severe decline due in part to habitat loss and as a result of poor water quality but as conservation measures have taken hold population numbers are recovering otters, surveys,

Our Conservation Areas Our Conservation Areas in the Pembrokeshire Coast Nationaal Park. conservation, areasngle, caerfachell, caldey, island, little, haven, manorbier,

Our Sites Castell Henllys Iron Age Village and Carew Castle and Tidal Mill are sites run by the National Park Authority to help visitors enjoy and learn about our past. They are also important havens for wildlife. castell, henllys, iron, fort, carew, castle, tidal, mill, village,

Our Standards Our Standards at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority accounts, finances, environmental, policyauthority, complaints, standards,

Outdoor safety advice In the event of bad weather conditions, please check tide times before visiting beaches, take special care if using the Coast Path and try to choose more sheltered routes. walking, advice, extreme, safety, weather, storm, damage, cliff, falls,

Parking at St Justinian Parking at St Justinian, near St Davids in the far west of Pembrokeshire, has been a controversial issue for many years. This page tries to summarise the main issues for the benefit of GCSE and A Level students who may wish to use it as a case study. It is not a definitive statement. justinianurposes, boats, ramsey, island, lifeboat, carrying, capacity,

Parking Standards SPG Parking SPG for developments development,

Past Exhibitions at Oriel y Parc Gallery Brendan Stuart Burns is Oriel y Parc’s first artist in residence. Born in 1963, he currently lives and works in Cardiff. He is best known for his paintings inspired by West Wales. He has twice won the Gold Medal for Fine Art at the National Eisteddfod of Wales and has twice been named Welsh Artist of the Year. past, exhibitions, oriel, yallery,

Pembrokeshire Citizens' Panel The Pembrokeshire Citizens' Panel was established in 2005 and is a joint initiative between Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Dyfed-Powys Police , Pembrokeshire County Council, and Hwyll Dda NHS Trust (Mid and South West Wales). citizensanel,

Pembrokeshire Coast Family John Muir Award We’re producing a new activity pack for families that will have everything you need to do the Pembrokeshire Coast Family John Muir Award. The pack will be available very soon – watch this space! john, muir, award, trust, family, award, conserve, discover, explore, share, wild,

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Facts and Figures about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for the press and media. facts, figures, press, media,

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Pembrokeshire Coast National Park landscape, geology, archaeology,

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Youth Rangers Become a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Youth Ranger and be a part of a dynamic team of young people playing a vital role in a huge range of conservation projects around Pembrokeshire, learning and developing skills, meeting like-minded people and having loads of outdoor fun. pcnpa, youth, ranger, scheme, junior, young, conservation, john, muir, learning, skills, community,

Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is a spectacular 186 mile (299 km) long National Trail covering some of the most varied coastal scenery in Britain, stretching from St Dogmaels in the north to Amroth in the south. pathrail, inter, appalachian, wales, path,

Pembrokeshire during the age of Princes A brief description of Pembrokeshire between 1100 and 1485 medieval, castles, carew, wiston, princess, nest,

Pembrokeshire English Pembrokeshire English. While new settlers colonised South Pembrokeshire, plying their trades, setting up towns and villages and enclosing fields, the native Welsh remained in the north, beyond a ‘frontier’, labelled the ‘Landsker Line’ in the early 20th century. english, landsker, line, south, english,

Pembrokeshire Grazing Network An initiative supporting conservation grazing in the National Park. grazing, network, habitats, conservation,

Pembrokeshire Mencap Stackpole Gardens SDF money has helped towards the design and construction costs of a new sustainable building at Stackpole Walled Gardens. The new building encompasses a much needed shop, office, community space, tea room and kitchen. Seasonal produce from the garden is sold in the shop which also provides life skills experience associated with meeting members of the public who buy the produce grown. mencap, stackpole, garden, case, study, sustainable, building,

Pembrokeshire Place Names Know Your Place Names in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The place names across the National Park broadly divide into Welsh names and Anglo-Norman English names. know, your, place, nameselsh, anglo-norman, english, local, place, names,

Pembrokeshire Saints Pembrokeshire is blessed with a number of early saints such as St Davids, St Teilo, St Justinian, St Ishmael St Brynach and St Caradog and along with them come many colourful myths and legends… early, saints, davids, teilo, justinian, ishmael, brynach, caradog,

Pembrokeshire Walking Directory Do you organise walks for people in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park? If so, the National Park Authority wants to include you in a new online directory of local walking groups. walking, directory, hike, group, community, guided, local,

Pembrokeshire Wildfire Group Fires have potentially devastating impacts on our countryside, harming our economy, ecology, environment, heritage and rural communities. Yet the damage can be minimised. wildfire, fire, conservation, land, management,

Pembrokeshire Wildlife Meet some of the plants, animals, birds and marine creatures that call Pembrokeshire home wildlife, plants, animals, birds, marine,

Pembrokeshire: Land of Legends Discover some of the legendary tales that have links with Pembrokeshire. They tell of huge capstones lifted into place by fairies, enormous boulders hurled down the mountainside by giants; of a fearsome lake monster and a bleeding yew tree. land, year, legends, myths, folk, tales, video, audio, walks, visit, wales,

Pembrokeshire’s landscape Pembrokeshire’s Geological landscape geological, landscape,

Pembrokeshire's Beaches Pembrokeshire is home to Britain's only truly coastal National Park and contains a wide variety of beaches. We have more Blue Flag and Green Coast beaches than any other county in the country beaches, abereiddi, barafundle, newgale, beach, caerfai, whitesands, cwm-yr-eglwys, druidston,

Pembrokeshire's Culture Pembrokeshire has a rich and diverse culture which has been shaped down the centuries by waves of invaders and settlers. culture, david's, cathedral, welsh, language,

Pembrokeshire's Geology Geology in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. geologyock, types, precambrian, carboniferous, volcanic,

Pembrokeshire's Islands Pembrokeshire's offshore islands are a highlight of any visit to the National Park. Each one has its own special character and unique landscape, where wildlife flourishes and time stands still. islands, caldey, ramsey, skomer,

Pembrokeshire's Timeline Find out how Pembrokeshire has changed from the Palaeolithic times to the present day. palaeolithic, mesolithic, neolithic, bronze, iron, roman, timeline, medieval, modern,

Permitted Development Some building works of a minor nature can be carried out without the need to obtain planning permission - this is called "permitted development". The rules governing "permitted development" can change from time to time and it is always advisable to seek advice before carrying out any changes. permitted, development, house, holder, alterations, extensions,

Personnel Committee We employ approximately 150 staff and we strive to ensure that the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is a good place in which to work. All policies relating to employment, terms and conditions, health and well-being are determined by the Personnel Committee. personnel, committee, meetings,

Places to visit Pembrokeshire Coast National Park boasts a wealth of wonderful places to explore and enjoy. beaches, carew, castle, castell, henllys, tenby, davids,

Places to visit on the St Davids Peninsula Places to visit on the St Davids Peninsula. St Davids Head Out of the city boundaries at St Davids Head you can experience a rich variety of wildlife habitats on the cliffs and surrounding waters. Look out for choughs and skylarks on the grassy slopes and gannets and porpoise out to sea. Visit the Iron Age Fort on St David's Head or explore the Neolithic burial chamber, Coetan Arthur. davids, headath, ramsey, island, whitesands, carn, llidi,

Planning Planning services in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planning, development, housing,

Planning Advice Planning Advice and Applications for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planning, advice, applications, pre-application,

Planning and Ecology Planning and Ecology - information on what is required when submitting a planning applicaiton ecology, protected, species, habitat,

Planning Appeals Appeals must be made within six months of the date of the decision with the exception of advertisement appeals that must be made within one month of the decision. planning, appeals, appellant, inspectorate, local, planning, authority,

Planning Applications Planning Applications planning, applications, consultation, delegate, committee, site, visit, officers, report,

Planning Enforcement in the National Park An overview of the Planning Enforcement Section of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority including details of the purpose of enforcement and how we investigate complaints planning, enforcement, breach, planning, control, listed, building, advertisements,

Planning FAQs Planning FAQs for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planning, faqs,

Planning myths and planning facts Below we’ve dispelled a number of commonly held planning myths. These myths are off the mark and so we have paired them with the actual planning facts… planning, myths, planning, facts,

Planning obligations Section 106 Agreements and Planning Obligations planning, obligations,

Planning Policy Planning Policy documents and advice for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planning, policy, development, local, plan, housing,

Planning Policy FAQs Frequently Asked questions about planning policy planning, policy, development, local, plan, housing,

Planning Services Many people who telephone or visit the National Park offices wish to make general, as well as specific, enquiries of the planning section. service, standards, planning, services,

Planning Your Walk This page gives an overview for those considering walking the whole Coast Path, to plan walks in specific stretches or to look at route planning in more detail look at the National Trail site long, distance, walking, whole, path, walkingrail,

Pollution A look at the how pollution can impact on tourism in the National Park, with a view ahead at how climate change may cause unexpected pollution problems pollution, climate, change, water, quality, blue, flag, green, award,

Porthgain Much like its neighbour the Blue Lagoon, the pretty fishing village of Porthgain was once buzzing with heavy industry and was a busy port exporting stone for house and road building until the early 1930s. porthgain, iconic, views, anniversary,

Pre-application Advice If you intend to carry out a development and are unsure as to whether you need planning permission, always ask the planning staff before you start the work. preapplication, advice, application,

Preferred Strategy Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Preferred Strategy (Replacement Local Development Plan) Consultation referred, strategy, (replacement, local, development, planonsultati,

Privacy Statement Whilst the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority makes every effort to keep the information on this web site accurate, we disclaim any warranty or representation, express or implied, about its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose. copyright, privacy, statement, disclaimer, linked, websites, collection, personal, data,

Procurement The Authority will from time to time have various contracts out to tender. Any such opportunities will be advertised on this page. contract, procurement, tender, wales, training, welsh, government, assembly, legislation,

Programme of Events There are events for all the family throughout the season from costumed guided tours, Iron Age activities for children to craft demonstrations. See below for details, dates and times for specific events. activities, events, castell, henllys, workshops, storytelling,

Projects The National Park Authority administers Sustainable Development Fund grants in Pembrokeshire. To read summary details of the projects supported by the fund, choose a project title from the list below. sustainable, development, fund, projects, supported, funding, grants,

Protected Sites Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protected Areas (SPA) have been designated in Pembrokeshire under the EC Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive respectively as sites that will make a significant contribution to conserving habitat and species identified as most in need of conservation throughout Europe protected, sites, sssi,

Protected Species A surprising number of unique species can be found in Pembrokeshire. Species commonly affected by planning applications in Pembrokeshire include species, bats, otters, dormouse,

Protected Species Within Europe, natural habitats are continuing to deteriorate and an increasing number of wild species are seriously threatened. Much of this is as a result of development and agricultural intensification. For information on minerals and waste have a look at the: protected, species,

Public Consultations The National Park Authority we often ask for your views on the work we do to help keep your Park special for everyone to enjoy. public, consultations, engagement, views, guidance,

Public Inquiry Any appeal can be heard at a full Public Inquiry. public, inquiry,

Public Rights of Way Public rights of way include public footpath, bridleways and byways. They provide the best way to explore the coast and countryside of the National Park. public, rights, public, footpaths, bridleways,

Publications Publications useful to visitors to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park maps, publications, books, information, walksath, leaflets, trails,

Puffins on Skomer Island A brief look at puffins on Skomer Island puffin, skomer, island, seabird, burrows,

Ramsey Island Facing the St Davids peninsula across the rushing waters of Ramsey Sound, this is a scenically spectacular island and probably Pembrokeshire’s best site for watching grey seals and porpoises. davids, peninsula, ramsey, sound,

Ramsey Power Project SDF funds helped the RSPB to install renewable energy technologies on its Ramsey Island Reserve. ramsey, wind, turbine, photovoltaic, panels, solar,

Recent History Hugh Foster bought the site in the 1970s and invited archaeologist Harold Mytum to excavate the hill fort. Once the roundhouses had been excavated they were rebuilt using Iron Age materials, which improved our understanding of how the roundhouses were constructed. recent, history, hugh, foster, chieftains, roundhouse, excavate,

Recreation and Tourism Review Committee This was formerly the body responsible for monitoring targets that have been set for and by the Authority. It has now been disbanded and replaced by the Operational Review Committee recreation, tourism, review, performance, risks,

Recreation Management Recreation Management in the National Park recreation, management, recreation,

Recreational Use at Porthclais A look at the different recreational users of the Pembrokeshire Coast based on Porthclais, and considering the issues that come with recreational activities. recreation, land, porthclais, conflict, eering, fishing, sailing, canoeing, climbing, walki,

Regional Minerals Planning Regional Minerals Planning regional, minerals, planning,

Regional Waste Plans Regional Waste Plans regional, waste, plans,

Renewable Energy To reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and our carbon dioxide emissions, the new building relies upon three renewable energy sources to fulfil its energy requirements. These are all related to the power of the sun. ground, source, heat, pump, solar, thermal, panels, renewable, energy, energy, sources,

Renewable Energy Assessment Renewable Energy Assessment Background Paper renewable, energy, background, evidence,

Renewable Energy Assessment Report Renewable Energy Assessment Report renewable, energy, background, evidence,

Renewable Energy Assessment Workshop Details of a Renewable Energy Assessment Workshop held in September 2008 renewable, energy, background, evidence,

Renewable Energy Sources A brief description of the types of renewable energy sources available, and their use in Pembrokeshire alternative, impact, renewable, resource, sustainable, planning, tidal, wind, turbine, biomass,

Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance Supplementary Planning Guidance for Renewable Energy in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park renewable, energy, wind, turbines, solar,

Reporting a Breach of Planning Control If you are aware of unauthorised works being undertaken or that works are proceeding not in accordance with approved plans or conditions please let us know. breach, planning, control, planning, enforcement,

Rhododendron ponticum Rhododendron ponticum is an evergreen, ornamental plant introduced to the UK by the Victorians in the late 18th Century. It became especially popular on country estates, providing ornamental value as well as cover for game birds. It is native through Asia into China, and also occurs in Spain, Portugal and Turkey. rhododendron, ponticum, rhododendron, invasive, non-native, species, inns,

Ria - Solva Harbour Info and pic on the ria at Solva Harbour. The bedrocks consist of Cambrian sandstones. The grooves cut by glacial meltwater during the Ice Age and sea level changes during the post-glacial period have resulted in the formation of a ria. Popular with local dinghy sailors. solva, harbour, cambrian, sandstone, glacial, meltwater, level, changes, post-glacial, shelter,

Rights of Way Improvement Plan The National Park Authority is responsible for the management of 1,040 km of public rights of way (public footpaths and bridleways) within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The Park Authority has prioritised the improvement of public rights of way, as they represent the best way to explore and enjoy the coast and countryside rights, improvement, plananagement, public, rights, waymprovements,

Rivers and Estuaries This is a descriptive page, linking rivers and estuaries to the separate pages with captioned images rivers, estuaries, cleddau, daugleddau, solva, teifi,

Rocky Shores Description of the ecology of rocky shores in Pembrokeshire. rocky, shores, beaches, tide, slash, zone, halophyte, rock, pool, seaweed, wrack, barnacle, crab, shell,

Roles of the key organisations and contacts Roles of the key organisations and contacts. Active outdoor event guidance. police, trust, county, council, tourism, outdoor, charter, marine, code, destination,

Sand Dunes Sand dune ecosystems as dynamic habitats. beaches, sand, dunes, dynamic, habitat, biodiversity, marram, grass, embryo, dune, sucession, conserve,

School Groups Carew welcomes school groups throughout the year introducing children to the tastes, smells and sights of life in a Tudor Castle. carew, castle, tidal, mill, school, trips, group, education, children, stage, tours,

School visits Every year – for more than 20 years – around 6,000 children have visited Castell Henllys to see, smell and touch life in an Iron Age village through role play and activities. school, visits, education, stage, role, play, children,

Schools' Menu - Outdoor and Indoor Sessions Schools' Menu - Outdoor and Indoor Sessions for Schools - talks, walks, conservation projects, environmental games, role-play, field study sessions schools, menu, discover, yourut, about, carew, castle, castell, henllys, oriel,

Science for Schools Introduction to the science pages of the website habitats, interdependence, organisms, wildlife, protect, food, chain, environments,

Scrutiny Committee This Committee provides a more formal and robust framework to enable the Authority to better scrutinise aspects of its work. scrutiny, committee,

SDF Case Studies Have a look at these SDF case studies to find out more about how SDF funding really works in practice with local organisations committed to bringing sustainability to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. case, study, funding,

Sea Arches - The Green Bridge of Wales How the Green Bridge, a natural limestone arch, was formed green, bridge, castlemartin, limestone, arch, bedding, planes, joints, stacks, caves,

Sea Level Rise - A Pembrokeshire Perspective What is meant by sea level rise, how it could happen, and how it will affect Pembrokeshire level, rise, level, glaciers, polar, tourism, estuaries, tides,

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Seascape Character Assessment consultation document seascape seascape, character, assessment,

Seasonal Seabirds A look at the variety of birdlife that travels to Pembrokeshire each year seabirds, colony, nesting, breeding, puffin, gannet, manx, shearwater, razorbill, guillemot,

Seasonal Wildlife Pembrokeshire enjoys a real variety of spectacular native wildlife. wildlife, whales, sharks, seals, timeline, when, animals,

Seasonal Wildlife Introduction to the many living things that visit Pembrokeshire each year wildlife, visitors, seasonal, summer, winter,

See landscape through artists' eyes Oriel y Parc is a unique collaboration between Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, in which services for visitors are joined by displays from the national collections to celebrate the landscape. gallery, landscapeollections, amgueddfa, cymru, museum, wales, graham, sutherland,

Shop and Eat at Carew Castle The bright and modern Carew Castle Shop features a range of products inspired by the Medieval and Tudor history of the Castle as well as its picturesque setting in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. You will also find the best of locally produced food as well as gifts and crafts produced in Pembrokeshire and from across Wales. carew, castleacilities, refreshments, toilets, gifts, picnic,

Sir John Perrot Sir John was born at Haroldston, Pembrokeshire in 1530, allegedly the illegitimate son of Henry VIII by Mary Berkely, wife of Sir Thomas Perrot. Sir John remained a court favourite during the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI but spent much of Queen Mary's reign abroad. carew, castle, john, perrot, elizabethan, edward, henry, viii, thomas, mary, berkely, privy, councl,

Sir Rhys ap Thomas Sir Rhys was born in 1449. Upon his father's death he inherited the wealth of the Dinefwr estates and he bought Carew Castle from Sir Nicholas De Carew's grandson Edmund in 1480. carew, castle, nicholas, carew, rhys, thomas, henry, tudor, bosworth, richard,

Site Criteria Background Paper Assessment of candidate development sites for the Local Development Plan candidate, development, sites, assessment, background, evidence,

Site Map Pages listed A to Z, find pages with similar keywords site,

Site Reports Directory Links to site reports for candidate sites for the LDP sites,

Skokholm Skokholm means “wooded island” in Norse, but nowadays the only signs of woodland are indicator species like lesser celandine & bluebells. The vegetation is wind-pruned and trimmed by rabbits, but inedible plants like thrift, sea campion and golden rod provide carpets of colour in spring and early summer. skokholm,

Skomer Skomer is the largest of the Pembrokeshire islands, a national nature reserve of international importance for its seabirds. It’s also a good place to see seals, and in spring and early summer has some of the best wildflower displays in western Britain. skomer, puffinsature, reserve,

Skomer, an Island Paradise This page explores the Skomer Island habitats skomer, island, habitat, puffins, manx, shearwater, razorbills, skomer, vole, marine, nature, reserve,

Skylarks in Pembrokeshire Information about skylarks in Pembrokeshire skylarks, conservation, protected, decline, davids, airfield,

St Davids St Davids Oriel y Parc, Landscape Galery and Visitor Centre davids, oriel, yandscape, galery, visitor, centre,

St Davids Airfield A former military air base that is a far more peaceful place today, with skylarks in spring and a heath and wetland of national importance davids, airfield, skylark, meadows,

St Davids Cathedral St Davids Cathedral is one of the jewels in Pembrokeshire’s crown, attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year. davids, cathedral, bishops, palace, iconic, views, smallest, city,

St Davids Peninsula Accommodation The St Davids area offers a great variety of quality visitor accommodation. There is something to suit everyone and whether you are looking for Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Campsite or Hostel you will find them here. We offer an accommodation booking service for a fee of just £2. A 10% deposit is taken at the time of making a booking and this amount is then deducted from your bill by the accommodation provider. accommodationath, davids, stay,

St Margaret's Island Adjoining Caldey is St Margaret's Island. A medieval chapel of that name once stood on the island but was converted in Victorian times into housing for the men who quarried the island’s limestone. The island is now uninhabited and is a small but important nature reserve. margaret's, island, tenby, caldey,

Stack Rocks and Pen-y-Holt Information and picture on prominent isolated sea stack, Pen-y-Holt - adjacent to the Castlemartin Range stack, rocks, pen-y-holt, stack, carboniferous, limestone, offshore, platform, joint, bedding, plane,

Stage one - Research and consultation This section of the guidance provides further information for event organisers on each stage in the event planning checklist. areas, locations, routes, activities,

Stage three - Restoration and review After the event, A Thank You, Reviewing after, event, thank, reviewing,

Stage two – Planning and Execution Prepare an Event Plan, Health and Safety, Insurance, Notify stakeholders and promote event, Support the local economy prepare, event, plan, health, safety, insurance, notify, stakeholders, promotion,

Stitch in Time Information on the Stitch in Time project, which aims to tackle invasive non-native species (INNS) in the Gwaun Valley stitch, time, inns, invasive, non-native, species, gwaun, valley, balsam, knotweed, rhododendron,

Supplementary Planning Guidance Supplementary guidance linking the policies for the National Park and planning applications. supplementary, planning, guidance,

Supplementary Planning Guidance - Consultations Current consultations on Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to support the Local Development Plan. supplementary, planning, guidance, consultation,

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Consultation page for the SA Scoping report review,

Sustainability for Schools Introduction to the pages on sustainable issues for schools sustainability, sustainable, development, renewable, energy, climate, change, level, rise,

Sustainable Design Guidance Guidance for Sustainable Design in the National Parks of Wales sustainable, design,

Sustainable Development Fund Sustainable Development Funding at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Supports projects that provide social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits, to improve the quality of life for communities in the National Park. sustainable, development, fund, grants, project, little, green, grant, pavs, funding,

Sustainable Development Fund Committee The Sustainable Development Fund was established by the National Assembly for Wales in 2000 to develop innovative sustainable projects that help improve the quality of life for current and future generations. sustainable, development, fund, grant, assessment, panel,

Sustainable foraging guidelines For your own safety - be sure that you know that what you are picking is safe to eat! Get permission. Avoid doing damage foraging, sustainable, guidelines,

Sustainable foraging Q&A Foraging for wild grown produce is becoming increasingly more popular and areas where wild plants can grow undisturbed are fewer than ever. It’s important to strike a balance between our enjoyment of foraging and ensuring that the wild plants and places we call ‘nature’s larder’ are still here for generations to come, for people and for the wildlife that depend on them. foraging, guidelines, forage, sustainable, sustainability, bluebells, blackberries,

Sustainable Tourism Introduction to the benefits and problems associated with tourism in the National Park tourism, benefits, problems, conflict, sustainable,

Take the Coast Path Challenge Walk the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail at your own pace and in your own time, and you can claim a free certificate. path, challenge, certificate, walkingrail, trek, hike, mileage, chart,

Talking Pembrokeshire In today’s rapidly changing world the importance of capturing and preserving the memories of ordinary people is increasingly recognised. talkingudio, podcasts, newport, talking, changing, times, carew,

Tell us about your event To notify the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority about your event please contact the National Park Delivery Team. tell, contact, event, delivery, team,

Tenby The seaside town of Tenby is one of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s best known locations. Tenby is renowned for the golden sands that surround the town, however the beautiful beaches only tell one part of the story. tenby, iconic, views, images, anniversary, 60th,

Tenby National Park Centre The National Park Authority's Tenby centre not only offers National Park information, sales of publications and quality gifts, but also houses a family friendly, interactive exhibition visitor, centre, tenby, exhibition, information, history, seaside, walls, arches, books, gifts, advice,

Testimonials Testimonials, Oriel y Parc oriel, yestimonials,

The aims of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park National Park Authorities have two statutory purposes, set out in the Environment Act 1995: •to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park to promote opportunities for public enjoyment and understanding of the special qualities of the National Park; and a statutory duty: to foster the economic and social well-being of communities living within the National Park. purposes, statutory, duty,

The Application Process As the Planning Authority within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park area, we handle approximately 650 applications every year. application, process, photocopying,

The Authority The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority was designated in 1952 following the implementation of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. access, countryside, transparency,

The Building Oriel y Parc is an amazing and innovative building which sits discreetly in the landscape. Beneath its elegant façade, state of the art green technologies work hard to provide a comfortable and sustainable environment. building,

The Countryside Code The Countryside Code - Respect, Protect, Enjoy. Be Safe - plan ahead and follow any signs. Even when going out locally, it's best to get the latest information about where and when you can go (for example, your rights to go onto some areas of open land may be restricted while work is carried out, for safety reasons or during breeding seasons). Follow advice and local signs, and be prepared for the unexpected. dogs, livestock, noise, rules, countryside, code, litter, noise, gates, country, code,

The Dormouse Biology and conservation of the dormouse conservation, dormouse, dormice, habitat, coppice, deciduous, woodland,

The Ghosts of Carew Castle There are thought to be several ghosts haunting Carew; a Celtic warrior is said to haunt the battlements and the ghost of a kitchen boy may be responsible for the clanking sounds of pots and pans heard coming from the kitchen. carew, castle, ghosts, princess, nest, rowlan, rees, barbary, celtic, warrior, kitchen,

The Islands of Pembrokeshire A brief description of islands of Pembrokeshire islands, habitats, skomer, skokholm, stargaret's, caldey, ramsey, grassholm, benedictine, monks,

The Mabinogion The Mabinogion. Pembrokeshire's myths and legends. mabinogionmyths, legends,

The Manx Shearwater A brief look at shearwaters on Skomer manx, shearwater, seabird, skomer, burrows,

The National Park Family There are 15 National Parks in the UK, Ten in England, three in Wales and two in Scotland. brecon, beacons, cairngorms, snowdonia, peak, district, lake, district,

The Pembrokeshire Local Access Forum The Pembrokeshire Local Access Forum is a statutory body, established jointly by Pembrokeshire County Council and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority in 2002, following legislation and regulations introduced in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. local, access, forumocal, access, forum,

The Shrill Carder Bee A conservation project in Pembrokeshire to help threatened bumblebee species. bumblebees, bees, carder, pollinator, flowers, habitat, loss, conservation,

Tourist Information and Visitor Centres Information provision is found through out Pembrokeshire, both incorporated in libraries and through stand alone tourist information centres. They are well spread around the county providing visitor information and services through publications, displays and knowledgable staff. tourist, information, centres, visitor, newport, davids, tenby, tourism, oriel,

Travel back in time Castell Henllys is the only Iron Age village in Britain reconstructed on the exact site where our Celtic ancestors lived 2,000 years ago. iron, time, travel, demetae, tribe, celtic,

Tree Diseases Since 2009 two serious tree diseases of larch and ash have been affecting sites in the UK and beyond. Whilst larch has economic consequences for timber growers, ash is a significant native tree and there is a real risk that it could disappear from the countryside as happened in the 1970s with Dutch elm disease. tree, diseases, chalara, fraxinea, dieback, phytophthora, ramorum, larch,

Trees, Hedges and Planning Trees are an integral feature of the landscape of the National Park and require particular attention when considering a planning application, as well as general tree and hedge management. An application for a development with a design that integrates existing trees and hedges will be viewed more favourably than one that does not consider existing trees and hedges at all. trees, protection, preservation, orders, hedges, treeworks, grass, apple, orchard,

Trigger List The following trigger list has been produced by the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) in conjunction with the Association of Local Government Ecologist (ALGE) and lists common development situations where bats are likely to be found. bats, survey, ecologist,

Tudor Pembrokeshire A brief description of Pembrokeshire from 1885 to 1603 tudor, carew, castle, john, perrot, rhys, thomas, great, tournament, tudor, merchant's, house,

Tycanol Tycanol is a 170-acre woodland site in North Pembrokeshire which is of huge importance to scientists and an inspiration to artists and visitors. tycanol, sssi, nature, reserve, wood, lichen, moss,

Useful Websites Useful Websites for those planning an active outdoor event. useful, websites, links,

Visiting Carew Castle & Tidal Mill What you can see at Carew Castle & Tidal Mill carew, castle, tidal, mill, what's, here, wildlife, accessibility, tours, toilets,

Visitor Centre, Café & Shop The Visitor Centre at Castell Henllys was redeveloped in 2014 and 2015 to incorporate a café, shop and interactive exhibitions. visitor, centre, cafe, shop, gift, interactive, exhibitions, interpretation,

Volcanic history of Pembrokeshire Volcanic history of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. volcanoesramsey, island, carn, llundaintrumble, head,

Voluntary Wardens The National Park Authority receives invaluable support from a group of around 70 National Park Authority Voluntary Wardens, who regularly provide support for activities and events, as well as taking part in a programme of practical tasks. voluntary, wardens, volunteering, conservation, free, support, ranger, guide, leader, activity, walking,

Volunteer The National Park Authority is keen to encourage people to get involved in the conservation of the park and the management of footpaths and bridleways. volunteer, getting, involved, workoluntary, wardens,

Volunteering at Oriel y Parc If you have some spare time and would like to join our team of volunteers, please do get in touch. We have a variety of different jobs that our volunteer team help with, including: volunteering, oriel, yolunteer,

Wading Bird Species A brief look at autumn waders in South Pembrokeshire lapwing, snipe, waders, angle, castlemartin,

Wales Spatial Plan The Wales Spatial Plan is a 20 year plan for the sustainable development of Wales. wales, spatial, plan,

Walkability Project The Walkability Project is set up to support people of all abilities who live in Pembrokeshire, to enjoy the spectacular countryside & coast around them. walkability, walking, easy, access, disabled, wheelchair,

Walking in the Park With over 950 km of public footpaths, and bridleways, walking is an ideal way to discover the spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and fascinating history of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. What more excuses do you need to get out there and explore?! Have a look at the Coast Path picture gallery below to find out what you’re missing by staying at home! with, over, public, footpaths, bridleways, walking, ideal, discover, specta,

Walking your dog in the countryside When walking your dog in the countryside of the National Park, you will often be passing through privately owned farmland and wildlife habitats. All we ask is that you and your dog are responsible visitors: walking, your, dogog, walking, dogs, walking,

Walks for All The walks highlighted on the map below vary in difficulty and are ideal for families with young children or pushchairs, less able bodied people, and anyone that just wants a leisurely stroll walks, allasy, access, walksalks, less, able,

Waterways in Pembrokeshire Introductory page on waterways, rivers and streams in the National Park. rivers, streams, waterways, catchment, areas, habitat, freshwater, otter, kingfisher, dragonfly, pollut,

We Manage Unlike National Parks in countries such as America or Australia, which are largely uninhabited wildernesses, the land in UK National Parks is mainly privately owned and home to many communities. embroekshirettractions, land, paths,

We Offer The National Park Authority is responsible for a wide range of functions in its work to conserve and enhance the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. offeruthority, visitor, centres,

Weather Weather weather,

Website Accessibility Website Accessibility website, accessibility, wcag, xhtml, compliance,

Welsh National Parks Education Pack A bilingual education pack has been produced by the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authorities. education, bilingual, resource,

Whales and Dolphins A brief look at the marine mammals that visit the Pembrokeshire coast minke, whale, common, dolphin, harbour, porpoise, bottlenose, dolphin, risso’s, dolphin,

What do Members do? Members typically spend three to four days a month on formal National Park Authority business i.e. attending Committee or other associated meetings. member, role, code, good, practice, code, conduct, decisions, councillor,

What happens once you've submitted an application What happens once you've submitted an application application, completion, advice, interviews, jobs, applying,

What is Archaeology? Archaeology is the study of people in the past, through the remains they leave behind. These remains can be almost anything – from burials and weapons to bits of broken pot, stone tools or Second World War defences. archaeology, iron, promontory, forts, delun, gibby, archaeologist, archeology, history, heritage,

What is Planning Enforcement? What is planning enforcement? Planning enforcement investigates whether breaches of planning control have taken place and, where breaches are found, takes action to resolve them in the most appropriate way. planning, enforcement,

What’s here? Castell Henllys Iron Age Village is set within thirty acres of beautiful woodland and river meadows in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. castell, henllys, wildlife, roundhouse,

What's Here What you can do here At Oriel y Parc you’ll find: World-class galleries exhibiting art and artefacts from Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales collection what's, here, gallery, graham, sutherland, amgueddfa, cymru, museum, wales, artist-in-residence,

Wheelchair Paths The National Park Authority has improved and adapted a number of country paths so that they are suitable for access by wheelchairs. A number of wheelchair routes are contained in the Walks for All guide, however, you can also choose a suitable walk by using our search facility and select the Wheelchair Walks category. wheelchair, pathsasy, access, routeseach, wheelchairs,

Wildfowl A brief look at winter visitors to Bosherston goldeneye, teal, grebes, ducks, geese, bosherston,

Wildlife Explore the amazing wildlife that makes its home on the Pembrokeshire Coast - not forgetting the exciting array of seasonal wildlifewhich also loves to visit Pembrokeshire year after year. explore, wildlifeeals, bats, crabs, pond, dipping, rock, pooling, birds,

Wildlife at Carew Castle & Tidal Mill Famous for its role in history, Carew Castle is less well known - but just as important - for its wildlife. The Castle, grassland, Millpond and Mill Lane were designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in recognition of this fact in 1995. carew, castle, tidal, mill, wildlife, bats, birds, plants,

Wildlife at Castell Henllys The National Park Authority works hard to maintain the wildlife habitats on the Castell Henllys site. dormice, pipistrelle, otters, dippers, wildlife, castell, henllys,

Wildlife Health Check What condition is the National Park's wildlife in? wildlife, health, check, state, biodiversity,

Wildlife in distress Wildlife in distress / stranded / being disturbed This page shows who to call in order of priority. Thanks to the RNLI & Protecting Wildlife Pembrokeshire Marine Code for supplying this vital information. wildlife, distress, tranded, eing, disturbed,

Winter Bird Visitors A look at the birds that choose to spend the winter in Pembrokeshire waders, fieldfare, redwing, plover, waterfowl, goldeneye,

Winter Visitors from Eastern Europe A brief look at the smaller birds that visit Pembrokeshire fieldfare, redwing, winter, migrants,

Woodland in Pembrokeshire Woodland in Pembrokeshire, its ecology and conservation woodland, sessile, canopy, understorey, bluebell, hazel, habitat, woodland, management,

Woodland Management Woodland management for conservation and timber. woodland, management, conservation, timber,

Working for the Park Pembrokeshire and the National Park are great places to live and work, and deciding to work with us could be one of the most fulfilling and exciting decisions you make. profiles, vision, purpose, conditions, learning, developing, employment, policies,

Written Representation This is the quickest and easiest form of appeal written, representation,

Written Timetable To begin the Appellant obtains a copy of the Appeal form from the Planning Inspectorate (a link is provided on the web page) written, timetable,

Young Archaeologists' Club The Pembrokeshire Branch of the Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) was established by staff from the National Park Authority, along with local volunteers interested in history and archaeology. young, archaeologistslub, excavation,

Your interview - tips and advice Your interview - tips and advice You might be surprised to learn that as many as 75% of candidates perform poorly at interview. In most cases, it comes down to them not having the necessary interview skills rather than them being unsuitable for the job. So if you find interviews a daunting prospect, the following advice should come in quite handy. pre-interview, preparation, your, interview, tips, advice,

Your Park Your Park is a new project aiming to help organisations working with disadvantaged groups to use the outdoors more independently to achieve their aims, whether for health, wellbeing, personal development, employability or education. It’s all out there waiting, and it’s easier than you think! yourocial, inclusion, disadvantaged, groups, youth, ranger, scheme, john, muir, award,

Your Park in action Take a look our gallery of images showing Your Park exploring Pembrokeshire’s wild places, working with a range of different groups. photo, gallery, your, social, inclusion,