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Here at Oriel y Parc a variety of exhibitions by Pembrokeshire artists and craftsmen can be seen on display throughout the Visitor Centre.

The Tower and Cafe display paintings, prints and etchings, while the Discovery Room has an exhibition space for 3D art works, including ceramics, jewellery, glass and sculpture. 


Valerie James
January 5th until March 29th 2015


Valerie James is a sculptor and painter who lives in Cilrhedyn, Llanfyrnach with her family.  Having trained at Aberystwyth University, Valerie soon discovered a love of teaching art to children.  In 1990 this passion drove her to establish The Little Art School  now a thriving arts venue with classes at Newcatsle Emlyn, Aberystwyth and St Clears.  The school is aimed at building children’s skills and confidence in art based activities.



In recent years Valerie has pursued her interest in symbolism, nature and mythology interpreting how these themes are represented through visual arts such as sculpture.  She focuses on the connection between ancient and modern art and feels that it is important to carry forward the processes used by our ancestors.

‘The mark making of early man found on local artefacts such as bronze age burial urns and carved stones are absorbed, re-used and brought to life again on contemporary works of art that have an ancient look and feel.’


Spirit Sisters



Valerie works with stoneware and porcelain clays and uses the ancient traditional firing technique known as Raku.  Here she explains a little more about the process.


‘Oxides are rubbed into the surface and covered with opaque glazes giving a bone-like, soft parchment finish. The black, smoke-absorbing process of the clay during Raku firing provides a perfect background to the random colours and copper highlights of the glaze.
Making works particularly for Raku firing gives me an opportunity to step into the realms of ‘chance’.   I make my own glazes and use wonderful materials such as ‘silver nitrate’, bismuth, and copper oxides which produce metallic and volcanic surface textures.'                            






                                                                                                                                 Pagan Madonna



Barbara Price
My Journey Through Cancer and Beyond
Until February 28th 2015

Barbara Price was born in Poole, Dorset, but moved to Wales in 1982, firstly to Cowbridge and then to Pembrokeshire ten years later. During her time here she has taught adults art for pleasure and concentrated on producing her own work.

“Living here in north Pembrokeshire gives me an endless supply of inspiration with its wildness and intensity of light and colour. I have now been living here for 22 years and the local people have been a constant inspiration and support to me over the years”.







St Nons Chapel

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2012, Barbara has been on a journey, painting her way through the treatment. She has produced a visual diary of her experience which is intended to help and encourage women to have mammograms. This exhibition is a selection of her diary, as well as more recent work inspired by the landscape of Trefin where she lives.









Gypsy Moth



If you would like to exhibit at Oriel y Parc, please call Wendy Stratton on 01437 720 392, or email wendys@orielyparc.co.uk or just pop in for a chat about the opportunities. We will be delighted to hear from you.