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Here at Oriel y Parc a variety of exhibitions by Pembrokeshire artists and craftsmen can be seen on display throughout the Visitor Centre.

The Tower and Cafe displays paintings, prints and etchings, while the Discovery Room has an exhibition space for 3D art works, including ceramics, jewellery, glass and sculpture. 

Until July 26th - Fresh West Silver 

Hannah Robinson is the talented designer behind Fresh West Silver, who handcrafts beautiful pieces of jewellery using silver and Pembrokeshire sea glass, which she collects after it is washed up on our local beaches, after being discarded in the sea, sometimes hundreds of years ago. Genuine sea glass sparkles in the sunlight due to its delicately pitted surface, caused by a reaction between the lime in the glass and the salt in the water. It has tumbled, weathered and been smoothed by the waves over time, which gives it a frosted surface and subtle hue and makes it perfect for use as the exquisite centrepieces of the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms created by Hannah. Each item is a one off as no two pieces of sea glass found are identical.




Until July 26th - Deborah Ann Withey, 'On a plate'

Deborah Ann Withey is a Welsh-American artist who moved to Wales in 2009 because her love of St Davids, Pembrokeshire, kept calling her back. Deb is a talented artist, illustrator, teacher and publisher and for this exhibition, ‘On a plate’ she has produced a range of decorative plates depicting Welsh Ladies.

"Sometimes just a shape can inspire. I love white plates and round corners, black and white with a touch of colour, and I like cooking in a visually-interesting kitchen. I call these ladies Welsh girls, but they aren’t portraits of anyone I know! I draw the face and then decide which name fits it best. They’re drawn spontaneously right on the porcelain and melamine so I can’t make a mistake - which makes each one truly one-of-a-kind! Oh, and I have a bit of a fascination with fascinators, so if I were a hat designer, these would be some of my designs".

August 1st to 31st - Pembrokeshire Craftsmen’s Circle
An exhibition of many crafts, including woodturning, weaving, ceramics and textiles

September 4th to October 31st - Fishguard Arts Society
An exhibition by a group of Pembrokeshire artists


Tower and Cafe

Until July 30th- Deborah Tilley

"My paintings come from the people around me; the face of the man passing me in the street, the individual lost in a crowd or a photograph of a ghost from the distant past. I’m moved by the care-worn, weather and work-lined faces of the ordinary person, those from our industrial and rural past as well as those struggling to live in our modern times.

My inspiration comes from artists like Jack Crabtree and Aneurin Jones and photographers such as William Eugune Smith and Lee Jeffries as well as my own archive of photographs and sketches saved from a young age. I am also becoming braver at asking those strangers with amazing faces to become my subject in oil!"


August 3rd to September 29th - Terry Johns
Paintings inspired by the West Wales landscape

October 3rd to November 30th - Heather Bennett Photography
Travel, wildlife and still life images


If you would like to exhibit at Oriel y Parc, please call Emma Bowen 01437 725 082, or email @emmab@orielyparc.co.uk or just pop in for a chat about the opportunities. We will be delighted to hear from you.